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My Drawing Journal

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I really enjoy the sky and trees in these photos. I have the adobe creative suite and am paying for it, so I'd like to get familiar with those softwares.  I appreciate the kind feedback.  Maybe I'll go into illustrator and try drawing a few characters I had in mind.  I'll write down their character traits and personality types as well.  Don't expect this anytime soon by the way lol.  I still want to work on my podcast first.

Good job with the progress and stay strong.

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Just a quick update,

I'm still alive, I've reached a point where I'm quite happy with my life. I'm progressing in all parts of my life, even though I don't get around to drawing that much 😧 but school goes first.

Here's a little drawing I've worked on today, really like it and will probably take it from sketch to drawing as soon as I have some more time.


Wish you all a great week, bye.

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