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Question of the week: What are you grateful for?


My Drawing Journal

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I really enjoy the sky and trees in these photos. I have the adobe creative suite and am paying for it, so I'd like to get familiar with those softwares.  I appreciate the kind feedback.  Maybe I'll go into illustrator and try drawing a few characters I had in mind.  I'll write down their character traits and personality types as well.  Don't expect this anytime soon by the way lol.  I still want to work on my podcast first.

Good job with the progress and stay strong.

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Just a quick update,

I'm still alive, I've reached a point where I'm quite happy with my life. I'm progressing in all parts of my life, even though I don't get around to drawing that much 😧 but school goes first.

Here's a little drawing I've worked on today, really like it and will probably take it from sketch to drawing as soon as I have some more time.


Wish you all a great week, bye.

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Hmmm I'm already online, so I guess I can write a small update as well….

I finished the drawing after letting it rest a few days --> see end of post.

University is going great as well, even though we lost one of our project team members to an evil professor, work is going on quite good. This week exams start. This is the first time that even though I have to learn for exams I'm able to keep up training and drawing while also learning in time 💪

Yesterday I modeled for a photoshoot - was quite awesome and I'm hyped for tomorrow when I'll get the pics 😄

Last but not least - here's the drawing - I know that there's a lot wrong with the face, but in comparison to all my previous work I think that's a masterpiece


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