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Question of the week: What are you grateful for?



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I was watching something on nofap forum and saw this https://emergency.nofap.com/

I think it would be awesome to add something like that on this forum

Just add that emergency button and when we click that leads us to some motivational videos or pictures.

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I had an idea some time ago that is very ambitious for this community at this stage but hey - something like an emergency "hotline". When somebody's depressed and can't show up at a crucial moment, or about to relapse or anything serious, maybe the member could, again, press a button to send a "distress signal". Maybe even anonymously. This signal could be picked up by opted-in members of the community who could contact the member and chat a bit or even have a quick call if that's what they would like. Maybe members could form groups(of accountability buddies) and they could send distress signals only to that group so that there is more trust and privacy. There would need to be some kind of reward for the responders, but maybe even such a small thing as digital points("karma") would suffice for a start. I know I would probably use the service both ways 😄

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