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Can gaming change your personality?

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Disclaimer: I had serious trouble putting my thoughts on the topic into words soo I'm not sure if it's understandable what I mean. --> continue to last line if that's the case ?

From what I've read about what makes up someones personality I undestand it in this way: You don't have ONE personality, but rather different kinds of handling different situation depending on your current environment. And those draw from past experiences --> that's what make up habits, morals.

so, having spent a lot of time in online games with grumpy people you'd act differently than someone who spent time with supporting people and what's morally accepting will probably change too over time. On the other hand as I said before there's a chance that you'll just act that way when gaming and totally different when you're for example with family.

Really hard to give a definte answer to this question - so I'd advise you to do some research on "What Personality is" for yourself


EDIT: Myers Briggs is a good starting point (just DON'T take the Types as FIXED or anything - but they give a good overview over what drives people)

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Idk if it changes your personality, but it totally can change the way you interact with people. For example when i started gaming in the beginning i was more a shy but rather social kind of person. I didnt insult other players, i always played fair, i never destroyed the other teams fun of baseraping in a round for 1000 tickets. Sooo. This all changed over the years. Ingame i became a toxic, selfish evil t***. Make the enemy rq, great, work done. In my real life my behaviour slowly changed too. I began to lie to people. I was more aggressive. I easily lost patience. In some way i lost my ability to really socially interact with people and lost interest in it too. Excessive gaming has an impact on your brain, so iam pretty sure it can change your personality (whatever that is as already written above). But theres also good news. Its not irreversible ?

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