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This is my Thank-You-Cheesecake

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Dear Forum,

I have been through hell and back. Quit games and went through all of the detox mayhem. Then I read the book, started being active on the forum. Then I started stopping other bad habits of mine. I stopped watching porn. I started meditating, reading more, Krav maga, learning Japanese... I started slowly going towards a better quality of life. My GF and I broke up, I moved out and had to get a place of my own and take care of myself all on my own. My parents are nowhere to be found, so I'm basically an orphan trying to struggle through all of the chaos and pain. And throughout all of the madness, self-deprication and pressure to achieve something better, the GameQuitters Forum has been there for me. It has been so hard. But I'm finally able to say that it's getting a bit easier. I have learned to pressure myself less and less and be more at ease with who I am. I am able to spend a full weekend on my own now. I make meals, I work out, I clean the house, ...

I figured I should post these pictures as proof, may it inspire anybody who is struggling. Remember, you are not alone. We're all rooting for you. Look at the pictures. It's an actual, delicious cheesecake that I made myself. I have a new skill now and it's amazing and brings joy to everybody who tastes it. It might be a trivial thing. Sure, it's just a cheesecake. But it's also a symbol! If you compare it to the demon infested shit pit I clawed my way out of, it's a pretty bright fucking lighthouse to me. I could not have done any of it without keeping a journal and posting daily and having members of the forum back my ass up and cheer me on as I progress.

Thank you all dearly for having my back. I hope I am able to inject similar support in your lives too.

We got this.




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On 8/20/2018 at 7:59 AM, Cam Adair said:

This is the best. Made my day!

Picking up your book and dilligently following the steps has changed the way I used to spiral out of control. 

A profound thank you is in order, dear Founder.

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