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Cam Adair

How did gaming impact your academic performance?

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How did gaming impact your academic performance? Did it affect your grades?

Well in secondary school my grades weren't the best but I was playing video games 10-12 hours a day. I think the last few years of secondary school, I might have skipped half the classes so I could sit at home and play video games all day. Mostly World of Warcraft. When I got into college I didn't really change my habits. But my grades were not that bad. After a while the subjects required studying and that's where they went down. And then at some point, you can't fix your grades and have to quit your education. I've had that twice now.. Just because I wanted to play games all day.. 

If gaming was having a negative impact on your grades, were your teachers or you school aware of it? Of did you keep this to yourself?

I kept it to myself for quite some time. Teachers didn't know about it anyways. My parents still don't know about it. They knew I was playing video games a lot, but not that that was actually the reason my grades went down. I always kept everything to myself. Didn't tell anyone, anything. 

Thanks for sharing man! :)

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