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Relapsed but I don't care.

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The reasons I quit gaming was because I noticed that I'm addicted to it kinda. But I think that's normal. Like Cam is addicted to DJ:ing. 

Now I have to get calm, cause now I am sick and I'm scared if it's something serious . But nothing can stop me from this fear, so I relapsed but I don't care, because it's still a cure for me to not think about it. 

I relapsed and I actually feel better. Because I know this person. Me who played. I still do things outside gaming I'm not that addicted. When you have understanding to yourself you have understanding to others. Seriously I hate the life without gaming. It was a void.

Know I know who I am with gaming. 

Or I just relapsed because life without gaming is too hard. I couldn't find anything interesting. I think now that the key for me is to moderate. 


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