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[HEALTH] Guys I need your help

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 I went to the doctor because my stomach hurt when I stand straight or when I sit straight. Well he said that it's an infection in the stomach and I must wait a couple days to wait if it goes away. And that it's nothing serious. I was at a blood test about 4 weeks ago and there was nothing special. 

Before I visited him I was crying because I feared I was going to die. Because I looked over internet (which is not a good idea for me) and my symptoms leaded to stomach cancer.

But according to the doctors, mom and dad it is not cancer. But still I doubt if it's something serious. 

I haven't had these kind of symptoms ever. 

Also stress can be a reason too to this and maybe this self control and discipline is doing that. 

I went to the blood test because I had enlarged lymph nodes in my neck. But now they have decreased and the doctor said that means that then it is nothing serious. 

But if I see things boring that is ok. Maybe that is just being a teenager. And not every activity cam be fun. 

I haven't been playing for 150+ days but still not big changes. Except I laugh more. But can browsing the internet mindlessely also prevent the dopamine from getting to lower levels? 

I don't know. Maybe I should stop controlling my self so much. 

I dont know what is wrong with me. Please help. 



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Constant self-awareness can turn into an obsession. In this case, I’d go for anxious/hypocondric behaviour, but I’m not a professional, I just suffer from some mental diseases myself and can relate a bit to what you wrote.

Teens are very exposed to mental and personality disorders. I could tell you to go and see a professional psychologist but in my experience they’re no good, and they’re expensive. If you have caring parents, and it looks like you do, I’d talk to them first about your fears.

Just my 2 cents. I hope you get better mate ?

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In terms of health, I can sympathize. Stomach pain is the worst pain. You feel like you're going to die even when it's something that's not life-threatening. There are a lot of reasons it can happen: ulcers, reflux, etc. Make sure you're taking care of your diet.

In terms of results from not gaming: if you've replaced gaming with something else, then it's possible that you won't see results. I have a clearly established hierarchy: I game, but if I stop gaming, I watch videos/movies/shows. If I stop that too, I read obsessively.

In the end, it's the same behavior. 

The other question is why you're quitting games in the first place. What do you want to accomplish in life? What is the meaning of life for you? (It's a big question, but I think people struggle if they don't answer this clearly).

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