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Hello, I'm Dernbu.

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Hey there guys. I'm Dernbu, from Singapore, currently 16, and I'm a high school student. I've really been struggling with game addiction for a while now, with games such as League of Legends, Osu! and Tetris. I've really been struggling to get anything done recently, and I've really tried everything that I could do from the internet. I've tried moderation, just uninstalling the games, etc., but this is the first time I reached out to anyone (or any community) about this.

For the last semester or so, my week purely consisted of gaming on every weekday and on Saturday, which would leave me to complete the entire week's work on just Sunday alone. This really impacted much of my grades, and my productivity overall. I also don't want to spend my entire time playing games and doing homework, I want to go out and do some other stuff such as learning a new skill or language, exercising, or volunteering, or something.

And because I'm a high school student, I don't really have the financial means or way to buy the Respawn guide, and my parents are very skeptical of online purchases as well, so I don't really think I want to ask them to help me purchase it (and I don't really feel like admitting my addiction to them). But nonetheless, I still am pretty determined, and I want to try to still go clean for 90 days, as people have been doing with the detox programme. I'm also hoping the journalling process will help me as well, since I've never tried something like this before.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for having me on this forum!

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Yo Dernbu, welcome! 

Great step you're taking, congratulations on that!

About the Respawn purchase, you two options: take on a summer job, ear some cash and invest it in Respawn; or open up to your parents about the subject, and even if they didn't accept to purchase Respawn, at least they would have the chance to understand and support you, as any parent would like, they just want you to be happy and well!

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Welcome Dernbu!

Good for you for coming here and admitting to others it's a problem.  At least for me, when I talk about it with others, it becomes more real.

I know you didn't ask for advice on this, but you may think about worst-case scenario with telling your parents.  What's the worst that will come of it? I understand you don't feel like telling them, but sometimes making the better decision doesn't always feel good.  And sometimes, you'll feel better after you do it.

Anyways, see ya around, good luck with your journey for 90 days!

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