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Letting go of your ego

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Meditation helps shutting down the ego - when done consistently you learn to live in the moment and don't hang on to the illusion of past "identities".

There more I thought about it, that I more or less lost EVERYTHING that made me me, when I quit gaming, the more I realized that change is the only consistency in life. Getting comfortable with your "new" identity is thereby nothing else than being comfortable with who you are and what you're doing at the moment. And taking action to change from having your life controlled by an addiction to controlling your life is something you shouldn't only be comfortable with, but something to be proud of.

Trying out different things to find out what you like and what you don't like is part of the process to getting there. Also set yourself goals what you want to achieve.

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I think you need to study your "game ego" that you're speaking about.  Think about the parts of your personality that made you feel good when gaming.  Maybe you were more confident, less anxious, funnier, etc.  Study that and dissect the parts of it that made you happier.  Why can't you bring that into your current life?  I don't think many people are truly "different people online".  I just think they're allowed to act the way they want to act.  It's why some people are trolls and want to hurt others.  You can think of your new life as a combination of the success you had as a gamer, but the goals you want to have as a human.  Combine those and become the person that makes you happy, just without the gaming.

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