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What get's you out of bed in the morning?

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For quite some time now Ive been trying to get myself to get up earlier. When I started meditation in the morning I literally jumped out of bed to go out for a jog and then meditate, but after a few days I fell back to lying in bed and turning off the alarm. The same happened with everything else I tried before (music as an alarm, alarm that lets you walk into the kitchen to take a photo and won't go out before, placing my bed in front of the window so I get hit by a sunray directly in the face as soon as I wake up)

It could also just be because I don't enjoy going to university and my mind trying to avoid it, because when I still had drawing and 3D-modelling classes I never had the problem, instead being up waaaaay to early, ready and motivated to do stuff…………… ?:/

So, what do you do to avoid falling into this trap of wasting your mornings?

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Well, for me I've learnt it's the mindset you have leading up to sleep as it is the thought/feelings you first remember in the morning. Similar to how when you're a kid and it's Christmas morning and you're quietly excited where under your blankets, rests a warm cozy safe feeling of optimism.

So basically I do affirmations by Hal Elrod's Miracle Morning where it says stuff like "I'm looking forward to tomorrow with positive expectations and I have a set time to wake up. It is important I wake up this time because it is vital to my success in my Health, Career, Relationship goals, etc" 

The important thing to understand is to have patience with these affirmations. If you're like me or the 90%+ out there in the world we're filled with negative and irrelevant thoughts towards actually achieving success. Meaning that these affirmations will grind against what your brain may already believe hence you have to give it time to change.

Secondly, you just have to sacrifice your waking time, no way around it. If you want to wake up early WITH energy, you have to sleep earlier. And again, in order to achieve this, it's useful to think of the end goal in mind -  to becoming successful, healthy, etc I require to do these habits. When the goal you're striving towards becomes clear, your motivations and energy align with it. This is a daily practice.

In the Miracle Morning Hal says that successful people in the past have slept with as little as 4-6 hours of sleep. I've been able to function on 6 hours of sleep, the other half I think to keep energized is the food you eat and the exercise you do. Especially the exercise, I've even exercised on no food before running and I always feel good albeit exhausted. The exercise is the golden key at least for me. I guess try to find some exercise you enjoy doing and if you don't enjoy doing it remind yourself of the end goal in mind and you're strength in your perseverance to push through regardless of your enjoyment. What happens at the end, you actually start liking it because you start liking yourself for having the self-respect and competence to push through adversaries. 

The reason I want to get out of bed is because I've been extremely dissatisfied for most of my life and want to see my potential actualized and want to say at the end of it all that 'I tried or achieved this' instead of dying with the regret of non-action.


Summary: Affirmations - Sleep early - End goal in Mind - Exercise

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The purpose of getting up can be a huge motivator.  I have a full-time job, five days a week, eight hours a day.  It pays well and allows me to live my life the way I want to live it.  So, money is a huge motivator...lol.

But let's get real.  I get what you mean.  You want to feel inspired to wake up and start the morning.  Less procrastination.

It helps if you visualize what growth you want to see in yourself over the long-term.  And to have short-term goals set up too, as stepping stones towards achieving life's ambitions.  This will take you some time to formulate, so I recommend spending a couple of hours writing down the short-term goals in a time-line of some sort.

As Arch also recommended, sleeping routine is essential.  Getting up on time and going to sleep at an appropriate time can help you roll out of bed easier.  Your body will automatically wake up at a regular time if you train yourself.

I posted a thread about Sleep Routine and how to achieve it.  So, maybe look at that post and see if anything I wrote, or @JustTom wrote, will help. 

One more suggestion......

1)  Allow yourself time to wake up.  If your alarm clock is set to wake up at 5:30 a.m., give yourself half an hour to lay in bed for a while, and then get up out of bed by 6:00 a.m.  Some folks can't get out of bed immediately when the alarm rings.  That's me.  I couldn't do it.  So, I set my alarm earlier and allowed myself time to roll out of bed.  No guilt either!  :)

2)  Make a 'to-do' list the night before and set it on your desk.  These are your short-term goals for the next  day.  If you don't meet them all, roll it towards the following day. Place a bBig check-mark beside each task that you complete, or cross it off.  Visual reminders can be a motivator too.  Everything counts and accumulates over time, little by little wins the race. 

3)  After you finish some daily goals, plan a FUN activity afterward.  I know that some people fear getting addicted to other digital entertainment, and if this is you, then just avoid movies and internet use.  But find an activity that is fun to do, whether that be at the end of each week or every few days, or daily.  Work hard, but play hard too, and rest breaks in between. 

Good luck. 

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At the moment, my own business, which started last week officially. The business is all about IT Security, focused on Server / Website security. I offer services such as penetrationtesting, risk analysis, digital forensic, backups and virus analysis/cleanup. Later on I will offer services such as social engineering, better said 'Red Teaming', to test the physical and 'people' defensive layers of a company.

I would say I have some 'know-how', but I am definitely not the best, but I would say the best in my town (30k population) ?
We have enough of these usual 'IT Services' such as computer repair, computer shops, etc. So I am focusing on a topic no one really cares about.

The pressure of learning fixed my sleep schedule. Going to bed at 12-1AM and waking up at around 7-8AM, then I start learning, looking around for vulnerable websites which are easy for me to fix, working on a concept to contact the website owner and trying to get a job.

This is currently my motivation to get up early.

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I am really bad at this as well, so I don't have much authority, but I can say for myself that when I step outside the little tricks and hacks, the two big things that always make me successfully get up on time are: 

  1. The OH-SHIT factor
    • Stress from an exam or a presentation coming up - I never oversleep when I have something really important that day.
    • When I have something new and exciting to do. You described you were motivated in the morning to get up when you started doing your meditation routine, but then the novelty fell off and motivation stopped. This happens with virtually everything I do. If I pick up a new musical instrument or find a business idea or a project to learn on such as an android app, or meditation&running routine, or anything else exciting, I will be consumed by it for a week and feel in-flow and self-actualized. Then it gets a bit stale and the mojo goes away. Might be an overall problem with me - dabbler mentality, but hey, it is what it is. 
    • When there is another person sleeping in the same room with me. It's probably got something to do with ego and me wanting to prove myself to others, gain social value. But it works every time. I become another person when I'm with people.
  2. A very diligent evening ritual
    • I mean really REALLY setting my mind up for success. That includes committing hard on a mental level as well as preparing a mission statement to read in the morning, water to drink, to-do list to go through, tidying up my room, exercising that day, going to sleep early, leaving room for 8 hours of sleep and perhaps even affirmations as I'm falling asleep. 

Yeah, not really giving solutions here, I fail to get up almost every day, but these are the core concepts that work. 

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That social dimension is an interesting one @JustTom. I noticed the same thing when I was with a short fling with a girl, it was perhaps a little to impress and show my value but there was also an an aspect of it being healthy responsibility to not let down others. Not letting down yourself is probably more important but having another person to reflect your engagement to your day keeps you accountable.

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