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Since I'm grounded from sword training for the next 2 weeks (to avoid someone hitting on my new tattoo) I went for a walk down the river today. When I got to a beach with a bunch of big rocks I randomly had the urge to cat-leap onto one of them and ended up climbing, balancing and jumping from one to the next and so on until one hour later I realized I shouldn't do any of that at the moment. D: BUT it was soooo much fun and after not doing any parkour for years I felt kind of reborn. Also amazing how much muscle memory still exist after such a long break.

From the feeling of wind brushing through hair and touching the skin of the arms when jumping to the focus when your mind and eyes search for the next placing for the hands or feet. It was incredible. I've never felt such a strong connection to nature than that moment.

Anybody here on the forum, who started parkour when quitting gaming? I'd like to hear your story how you started out and any tips for a (more or less) newbie would be appreciated ^^
I'll totally start training regularly again as soon as I finished this semester :1295_raised_hands_tone1:

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