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60 Days Passed


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I am here to write that I have made it through at least 60 days without playing video games. I am still shocked with myself that I have managed to last this long. I have always underestimated myself in regards to my constitution. I like to believe that I am self aware enough to admit that I have a bad habit of faltering on commitment. I figured that I enter this challenge to prove to myself that my willpower. But, if it weren't for tackling this challenge in an organized manner. I feel that I would have relapsed a lot sooner. Needless to say that as far as my progress in cutting down watching video game related content and streams. It has decreased significantly. Though for transparency, I still have the odd days where things are slow and just instinctively watch game play video of something. It's something I can work on now that I am on the home stretch of this challenge. I have been feeling a lot more energy on my steps as the hard work to get here is slowly starting to pay off mentally in the long run.

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