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Rualani's Journal

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Hey Rualani, you seem to be having a hard time battling gaming addiction. I was also detoxing and relapsing and hopping back and forth and I've reached a point, where I could no longer hide and I had to start making huge changes in my lifestyle. Obviously I'm only on this detox for 7 days now, but I feel a big difference in how serious I am about it and how unbelievably more human support I have right now. So, consider checking out the CGAA community by visiting one of the online meetings. I'm not necessarily subscribed to their traditions and stuff like that, but I can't even stress how much value they have given me, as a hardcase addict. This forum is great and personal development is amazing, and lots of people can stop gaming just with that. But I feel like hardcase addicts like me(and possibly you), might need a lot more support, especially real human connection, which is something you won't  get in a forum or meditating in your room. I'm obviously not against those things, but consider checking CGAA out. 

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