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My names Joshua Thatcher and I'm a gamer addict. And it was a Subnautica binge, during summer CLASSES, that has brought me here. Those build them up Survivor games always get me! Anyways, since this is for introductions let me tell you a little bit about myself, though it might be a tad bit ... depressing.

I'm a 29 year old pursuing a bachelors in Computer Science. I've probably been at it for 3 years and It'll be about 1 and half more. It's been... difficult for me. Honestly, in many ways I consider the true benefits of college the way it 'stress tests' my system. I wasn't aware just how difficult it is for me to function till I actually started trying to pursue something. And that something isn't even really something I'm even passionate about. I'm just hoping it can branch out into... something, anything. Still I'm determined to keep moving forwards, which bring me back to the main point.

I started the detox yesterday and DISASSEMBLED my gaming PC. My labtop could probably handle the 2-D games that I enjoy, I'm looking at you Celeste, but it would feel way more tragic to install  anything on it now. I guess that's the point. Still, it was kind of neat to take it apart and look at all the pieces. I'm amazed that they made PC assembly so intuitive nowadays. Organizing the cables is still a nightmare though.

I might consider Respawn but I need to add more contemplation into my day and make use of what is already resting in my mind. So many times I just scour through the internet looking, seeking anything. The truth is that a lot of the answers are in my head. That's the strange thing about the modern age. No one ever taught me when it's okay to use what's already there.

As far as goals. I  need to find enjoyable activities that I can get lost in and I need social connections.

Thanks for listening if you have.

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