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The Mad Pharmacist's Journal

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You've learnt so long for this exam. There is no other way than that it will be destroyed by you!!!
I wanted to say good luck at first, but then I realised that you don't need this.
Greetings, Piotr.

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In my opinion, short said is wise said. Good to have mad version of pharmacist back :) 

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17.06.2016 - Day 0 (9 hours)

I had a little break as Mad Pharmacist in journaling, but now I'm back and I'm gonna speed up my recovery a bit?

You're probably askin' : How is this possible?

I analysed completely every journal entry I did wrote since joining GameQuitters. And I have some conclusions to share with you:

  1. Mad Pharmacist joined here 27th December 2015.
  2. Since today, he did exactly 22 relapses to games OR masturbation. (Average every 8 days)
  3. He menaged to be 104 days game free (so he completed detox) and 72 days masturbation free.
  4. However, GQ wasn't he's first attempt to quit playing video games and masturbation.
  5. 8 years ago he realised something is wrong with him, because he was able to spend up to 10 hours a day on video games. So he decided to stop, and the best attempts ended on couple of months (4 months was the personal record) of being game free.
  6. Unable to find a solution himself, he decided to find a support. At 1st September 2014 he joined CGAA and started to implement 12 steps programm.
  7. The best what he get was 153 days of game-free streak. Personal record, however he realised that it's not for him. It's too much about faith and believing in higher powers.
  8. So he decided to join here, and to become completely free from addiction person. That's he's dream he wanted to fulfill.
  9. However he didn't realise one thing: during last 8 years he did a great deal of work on himself to harness himself. So now, he has to take lesson from every relapse he did and try to concentrate on being at least 3 months free from 3 things:
    1. Playing video games
    2. Masturbation
    3. Uncontrolled computer usage.
  10. So, the truth is that I'm fighting for 8 years straight. And that's my personal score. And I'm not starting from square one, but I'm just counting up my record.
    1. Even when I relapsed I was coming back to my commitments and instantly stopped playing. Now I see that it takes less amount of time (days of addictive behavior in a row) to get back on track.

Why I'm writing it in new post? Because it's my own personal commitment to stay away from these 3 addictive behaviours. Nothing is so addicting to me, even alcohol, like these 3. And I'm not gonna count a streak for every one of them, but I'll count one streak alltogether.

I can lose a battle, bit I'll win a war.

Also, I'll start writing my journal with a bit of agenda:

1. How do I feel right now?

2. What I did well today/yesterday? (I'm writing during morning, so I'll also relate to the day before)

3. What could I do better?

4. What will I do tomorrow/today?

5. Gratitude list (I'm grateful for...)

6. Achievements list

7. Month's challenge list

So, let's start it!

1. How do I feel right now?

I feel determined to my commitment I'm doing here. Also, I feel like I have serious task to deal with today. I have 8 hours left for my first final exam and I didn't even started to prepare yet. So I feel a need to take action!

2. What I did well today/yesterday?

I've made a firm commitment I'm gonna stick to for next days.

I've cooked up a great dinner, which took me 3 hours to prepare. +1 to recipes!

And I think that's all.

3. What could I do better?

Obviously, I wish I played so long video games. But it's a past and I can't change it. So, no regrets at all!

And I also could at least start preparation for final exam.

4. What will I do today?

Preparation for exam, I just know I can pass it, just need a bit of revision

Writing 750 words obviously.

And I'll also prepare some materials for tutoring.

5. Gratitude list (I'm grateful for...)

  • Being a Game Quitter
  • Mad Pharmacist's coming back!
  • Common reason
  • Fighting 'till the end
  • Optimism in my life
  • Living without sedatives
  • first 9 hours of freedom!
  • Sense of taste!
  • Feeling good!
  • Having a fully functional supercomputer inside my skull called cerebrum (or just having a brain :) )

6. Achievements list

  • Commiting to 3 months detox (or 90 days or 2160 hours, or 129 600 minutes or 7 776 000 seconds, so I don't have much time left!)
  • New recipe tried!
  • Planned today!
  • Waking up!
  • Exercised a bit!

7. Month's challenge list

June challenges:

1)Study for 160 hours (8 000 minutes) - so far 39/160 (1950/8000)

2)Write 50 000 total words and finish 750 every day - so far 17272/50 000 day 14/30

3)510 minutes of exercising - equivalent for 17 work outs - so far 180/510

4)15 hours of tutoring (900 minutes) - so far 8/15 (635/900)

5)Learn 5 new cooking recipes - to eat more healthy - so far 2/5

Dude your awesome thanks for posting on my journal ! Hey glad to see a No Fapper! Right now I am concentrating on the porn part of it first. I am allowed to masturbate for now.

I am rooting for you!


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