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Stuck in a motivational low

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For the past few days (except the weekend - probably because I was out exercising all day) I couldn't get myself to do homework or even drawing / playing flute and during readings I've fallen asleep nearly in an instant the moment the professor started to talk. Today I didn't even notice the alarm clock ringing D:

Also I'm starting to think that I'm in the wrong course of studies because I'm spending nearly 4/5 of my school time learning programming and other stuff I don't give a shit about anymore and at the same time don't have the time to finish the projects in the few classes I'm interested in - this will change in a year when we can choose one part to specialise in - then there'll only be one stupid class left.......... No idea what to do anymore... and sometimes it get's so bad that if I have the time to work on the projects I can't get myself to do so and thinking about all the other stuff I have to do later, ending up doing nothing.

I've tried To-Do-Lists, constantly writing during lectures (made it even worse) to not fall asleep.......

Any ideas about how to get myself to do stuff again is appreciated.

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This book is small and gives you a ton of info on motivation and setting tasks for yourself.

Mini Habits

I know it's not free, but now that you've unsubscribed from 30 games, you have plenty of money, right?  Well you have $6, anyhow.  That's less than a happy meal.

Pay particular attention to the earlier part of the book where he tells you what things sap you of motivation.  There is a surprising array.

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