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NEW VIDEO: I Replaced Gaming With Real Life (Nicco Transformation)

Hi, this is gonna be tough but I think it is the right thing for me to do...


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Hi,  All my life I have been gaming, its how I hang out with my cousins.  I am in my late twenties now, been gaming so much,  I also have mental health issues and I have been using video games to cope with it ,which sounds like a good thing but its really just an addiction.


Mental health and video games just do noootttt mix well.  It was so bad, I thought I was junkrat in overwatch,  2 psych wards later now I am back to the real me. I've been on a rough road.  but I know my story can help someone one day.  therapy has been a wonderful thing for me and I will keep going and keep taking the medication.  Theres got to be more than life then waiting for release dates and working to pay for video games.  I want to make a change in my life,  I already started actually, Im in school right now for massage therapy, but I haven't studied yet cause I have been gaming...  gaming.. ugh.  


I am normally a funny guy who is really relaxed but gaming is making me someone I don't want to be.  I want to change.  I should of stopped playing after the psych wards, but It was like I was glued to it,  In the spych ward I was thinking about videogames, like when I come home I need to play this one.  I joined the discord, looking for some friends who are on a similar path,  my discord name is Gellin22,  I just found out about this website, which is why my typing aint so good right now cause im so tired its late.


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