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@giblets sure, you can remap your mouse buttons, I think its even easier on Linux than on Windows. See https://askubuntu.com/questions/492744/how-do-i-automatically-remap-buttons-on-my-mouse-at-startup and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto for example.

@JustTom Yep, had the same feeling. I felt so great when I made some good moves in games (Rocket League in my example), lately, when I see a script or program is working it feels even better. Doing a aerial goal with a car in a game feels great for this moment, maybe a bit longer when you save a replay and watch it later, but still... cant compare it to some REAL skill.

Also started to learn Social Engineering lately, basically to understand humans better and also for my job (...and for some self-confidence). Feels so much better than sitting in a training mode in a game and trying to land the same trick over and over again for hours.

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On 21.6.2018 at 8:51 PM, JustTom said:

So many things are more fulfilling it's crazy. And Starcraft? STARCRAFT?? Are you fucking kidding me???????????? So you like clicking and tapping fast?? You know what else gives you the same feeling of flow, focus, speed and skill? Programming and writing! WOAH! Fuck starcraft and fuck all those addicted people who masturbate their ego on how much of strategic masterminds and micro gods they are, while in reality they can't make enough money to buy a car without a loan and have sex at most once a year. Pathetic.

Wow, that's some hard sh*t right there :D Don't get me wrong, I laughed a bit while reading because it sounded funny in my head but it's actually true, all that. Thoughts like that will actually also drive you more towards quitting gaming.

I actually remember, that we both quit gaming at first at the same time and back then you were LOOKING FOR the motivation to quit and trying to figure out how to have the motivation. Well, my friend, there you have it. For me it happened like that, being really mad at myself and at the world. Or not even mad, more like enlightened and a bit pissed because of the sudden realization.

I hope you are doing fine, while not having seen you here in some time. How's it going?

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3 hours ago, JustTom said:

Thank you. I have said too many things that I do not follow in these texts and it is embarrassing for me to continue posting in this journal. Starting a new one here: https://forum.gamequitters.com/index.php?/topic/6619-justtoms-journal-2-summer-edition/


Can I join the bandwagon of embarrassing posts?   I write some pretty intense stuff sometimes on this forum.  Most of which I actually deleted.  I guess I have an intense writing style, but to be perfectly honest I'm only  writing what I think about at that exact moment.  Maybe that's why I felt embarrassed because after I reread the post,  it comes across as either blatantly insane or really super intense.  But, that's just me as an online persona, I guess.  Meet me in person and I'm rather reserved. 

When we write our shit online, seriously, it's like a catharsis....to me it's my dumping ground when I write in my journal.  I do have to be mindful about responding to other people's posts because I get too heated up lol.  So, yeah, I have to 'rehearse' what I'm going to write down.  I hope I'm getting better at it.

Also, I think you've had a series of small successes within the 40 days or so, of not gaming.  It wasn't all a failure.  I have failed many times in my life too, and so have others.  There are hills and valleys in life.  We can get through it.  The hardest tribulations will pass eventually.  We just have to wait out the storm, seek help if we're feeling low, share our thoughts no matter how hard it is, and remember that you are never alone.  Reach out if you need to. 



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