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Bugg's Journal

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Bugg's back for a quick update. 

I've finally moved up North, feels like starting again; looking for a job, a house, n all that stuff. 

On the game front I really haven't been playing that much at all. I'd say on average I might game a couple of hours a week? Since I did the detox it just doesn't hold me the same way it used to, however a cold-turkey quit just didn't suit me long term.. I really enjoy being able to play a little, and it's pretty cool that it doesn't seem to be addictive like it once was. I'm ever mindful though, if this is a part of who I am and I allow that to be the case then I do need to pay close attention to how much time I end up spending on it. 

But yeah. That's it really. I did the detox, I failed before the 90 days, but here I am, gaming in moderation. Who'd have thought it :O 
I know that's not for everyone, but I sure am glad it's working for me <3 

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