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Since I am still getting E-Mails about humblebundle saves and stuff like this and these things are starting to pissing me off during my detox, so I was thinking about a way to unsub from all the sites.

I remembered a service called unroll.me, BUT! It sells your data

Instead use alternative methods. Unfortunately I found out that the alternative methods only work for Gmail, so not sure about other providers.

But I gathered a couple of links for you guys which might help you for unsubbing on newsletters:


If you dont care about the data-selling thing, you can still use unroll.me (and delete the account afterwards) since our data is sold anyways all over the internet (Facebook, Google search, Windows, CIA, FBI, NSA :D *sigh* and what not..)

So yeah, just a basic reminder for you guys that you should also unsub from gaming related newsletters - Thanks to the humblebundle newsletter which just arrived couple minutes ago for reminding me of doing the same thing.

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