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[27 Jul - 27 Sep] 90 Days of Me

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Day 35 today!

I tend to think that the main factor of my so-far-ish succes with quitting gaming is the fact that I replaced gaming with activites in real life that helped me get the same things I was looking for in gaming. That's why it hasn't been as hard to resist desires to watch a gaming video or play a game anymore. I just shifted my focus from gaming (by cutting it off completely) to my work and achievements in theatre - I got all the same "perks" but just in real-life: sense of teamwork, feeling of challenge, progress and acoomplishment, admiration by others, building connections with colleagues and friends.

And it is the same exact factor that hinders my progress in NoFap. Shifting from gaming to real-life and namely theatre was relatively easy (30 days is an achievement though!) but shifting from porn and masturbation to abstinance/looking for a partner is hard (fapping gives very specific benefits that I am after - just like in gaming). Anyways, that's a story for another forum.

I am proud of my progress! Thank you for your support people!

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