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Game Quitters App

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I love the idea of "gamified" app (to some extend) Was going to add my own suggestions but they have mostly benn written down already - Alas I am always late to the party.

What I would love to see would be achivements like "10 days done" and so on and potential motivating videos by cam as "unlocks"  Nothing complicated just cam saying something along the lines "You rock man" I find his videos to be extremly encouraging :D

This is of course my very own personal approach and I have zero experience with app building.

However one person desinging challenges for others is not such a great idea in my opinion since we all have quite different interests, hobbies and even abilitys. We should create our own challenges for ourselfs. Infact this is my approach during my first 12 days and its working suprisingly well - however I am totaly aware that this is very subjectiv.

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