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Article: Can Acupuncture Help Your Video Game Recovery?


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Hello GameQuitters!

Recently GameQuitters published an article I authored, titled "Can Acupuncture Help Your Video Game Recovery?" viewable here. It is heavily cited with research, and summarizes the efficacy of acupuncture in treating internet and video game addiction.

I quit World of Warcraft around seven years ago. I officially deactivated my account eight times, before I finally succeeded for good. I failed seven times. During those seven failures, I did things like putting a keychain authenticator on my account and throwing the keychain behind the couch, randomly typing in a password that I would never remember, cutting off my internet, taking out my video card, and of course uninstalling. 

A brief summary of my story can be found in the article above, but the short of it is that I eventually found acupuncture. It helped. Often in recovery, especially during those first two weeks, cravings management is very important to prevent a relapse. I found that acupuncture helped me stay on the side of recovery, just enough to continue pushing through.

Going from 16 hours a day (playing whenever I woke up to whenever I passed out) to quitting was one of the most difficult things I have ever experienced. But it was because it was so challenging that I was able to grow, albeit painfully. 

Eventually, that pain turned into inspiration. Since then, I have dedicated my life to increasing awareness about video game addiction, and, as a licensed acupuncturist, doing my part to heal others.

What are your opinions about acupuncture? Is it something that you would be interested in trying? Has anyone already tried it? Let me know!

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