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Master List of Rebutted Arguments In Favor of Gaming

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Would be interesting to see a list of arguments in favor gaming, followed by a list of rebuttals gathered from our community. It'd be a good way to strengthen the resolve of members (I think) to see the reasons TO game shot down.


It would allow members to find reasons they DO identify with and feel compelled by, and hear compelling arguments against these very reasons.



Argument 1:

"I think gaming is good because X"

>Response by Cam

"While you can get X from gaming, you can get X+Y+Z from something else"

>Response from Fat Eddie

"The X you get from gaming isn't as good as the X you get from Z"


Also, I don't know how to format this well.

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Could even be made into a daily/weekly event or contest. "Three most liked posts get put onto the list" to encourage community activity. We could put up one reason a week and let the community rip into it.

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