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Why did I quit playing games?

I want to be a self-relianr person being in bondage to games.


Hello Yesterday was pretty awesome felt no cravings and had some epic moments.

I had a dream about gaming 2 specific games today but they semed more surreal than realistic. I woke with having some cravings That's why I wrote this post.cravings

first weekend is coming

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This night was extremely challenging! I couldnt sleep I had a PMO relapse after that I got a lot of things done

I had cravings to play games in the night.

The most important take away has been that you gotta be very intentional to make and take action on a daily agenda.

One advice is  to make that goal measurable.



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Be good on yourself. For me is PMO linked with games and internet overuse. Allow yourself M and O with your fantasy instead of artificial stimulation. Is worth it because you feel better about it. You are man and you have your own needs. Respect that. Forget video games. If you feel desperate or angry try to go out of the house. Its works for me. Mein freund Ich denke, du kannst damit umgehen. Versuchen Sie, diese schlechten Gewohnheiten zu ersetzen.

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Ja das werde ich versuchen Dankeschön du sprichst ziemlich gut deutsch.

Day 0 

on all  I don't know what to tell you

I didn't wanted to quit games bad enough.

I took my phone in my room listening to emotional tracks then I gamed  and then I have been full of regret and shame and I watched porn and after that I was just escaping into yt vids until my mum came up telling me about my obligations. 

Today I woke up snoozed a little went up made a coffee wrote a gratitude list


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I want to say that I was there too! Gaming, porn and emotional music in the past a lot. But what helped me was changing my selftalk. You are good person. I'm proud of you. Theres no shame. And it works. I'm a long way from this way of life but still stumble. 

Some tips for you: 

Try checking some books about manliness Iron John: A Book About Men, David Deida:The Way of the Superior Man

Try checking this video: You not be disappointed! Former Navy Seal speaking.

 Then check some wisdom:



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