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Read: A Guide to Quit Gaming for One Year

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Day 14

Feeling weird right now I have noticed a lot of things about negative habits-

I still struggle to keep a persistent agenda going especially because I dont have set priorities to time management yet.

I say its 4 pm then I do 4 Pomodoros and then I take a walk then its supper then it kinda gets blury then its 9 to 9.30

I have school from 8 to 3 Pm and on weekends I struggle to deal with all that additional freetime

You can not say it is 11 am screw it ill do some sport in the middle of a lesson...


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Day 17

So far, I notice slight improvements in my diabetes treatment like my blood sugar isnt above 300mg dl for a longer period of time anymore

I stopped gaming but I havent made any new habits because something inside doesnt want to spend more time on self development or any uncomfortable areas.

it drags me down when I dont actively choose new activities other than eating ice cream in front of the computer or watch animations after the news.

Today there was a chem test and I felt good in the beginning but the last 3 tasks in the last half an hour paralysed me, it was an slow ongoing process of thinking

Thats fine that I didnt get this task completely right.

I only learned the comfortable things not the uncomfortable being emersed in the actual process of rehearsing a process of a titration.

Like what to calculate and the most important why Im doing that.

Anyone reading this, I dont know how to change that...the negative thoughts played a part in the stress and kinda black out moment  as well.

I cant continue my way by living through life without taking real action into challenging myself or doing something more uncomfortable.

Can some one please help me?

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Day 0

After about 2 months of letting myself struggling I decided to start miracle morning.

Today is my second day.

I have been gaming every 2 nights through the night and I don't want to live a separated life with 2 personas 

I have read Mindset by Dweck and some other self development books but never implemented it to real life.

I want to change that.

I want to commit to a life purpose to wake up every day. 

I am grateful for getting up this morning





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Day 1 Miracle Morning 

Hello World

I am tired waking up 1 hour earlier than I have to but I did it anyway!!

I don't feel any better than before

Yesterday I was doing some school next to it I had a game running on my phone...

I could do what I want I couldn't get to finish the task how I wanted because I was constantly distracted by it.

Usually I would delete the game immediately and try to subjugate the very thought Bout games.

It's interesting what a game does to your performance. 

Anyways I'm struggling to bring up will to move on from games, as they will always be there on my Google account if I don't

"draw a line in the Sand" to move on from it!

See ya  coming again tomorrow


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