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800 posts in a year!

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Hello my friend!

Last year, exactly 27th December 2015 to be precised, I joined this community.

I had my ups and downs, but now I'm still on the right way.

It was 366 days of fighting. Just like gladiator in the arena.

I wrote 800 posts during this time. That's like 2,1857923497 post a day :)

I never gave up. I refused to give up. And I won't give up for the next year.


Why am I writing this? To encourage you, my friend.

If I did it, I mean being active on this forum for the whole year, so can you.

This will help you manage your life and you'll also feel better by replying to other Game Quitters journals.

Sometimes if you encourage something by writing simple post you can support him on his journey. Sometimes you can prevent someone's relapse.

That's the power you possess. The question is: Do you want to keep it for yourself or to simply share it with others just like you. :)


Greetings, One Year Mad Pharmacist

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CONGRATS BRO! 800- That's a lot of posts man, like REALLY A LOT. Haha at my posting speed it would take me years to reach your level :D

Anyways, thanks for sometimes stopping by and reading my journal, really means a lot!


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