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Ring’s Journal


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Hey, I see the Poland on this Europe map.

Do you wanna visit my country? :)

Greetings, Mad Pharmacist

Yes, if I go to Europe in future, I will go to Poland too. 

I've learn some historical issue and building in my history lesson when I'm in high school. It's great and beautiful.


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Poland is definitely worth a visit and sadly often gets overlooked when people visit europe. No offense but the whole "Paris London and one obligatory italian city" tour many tourists do when they visit us here is kinda sad really ;) 

But enough off topic I absolutely love your "gratefull" list. There is a lot of energy in beeing thankfull! 

I once red a great article about thankfullness in a blog I follow (sadly in german only) and I already notice some of the effects

Thankfull people are aware of what they have and less likely to get depressed and frustrated.

Thankfull people are able to plan more effectively

and Thankfull people are more patient.

So keep doing this "ritual" of writing what you are greatfull for Ring its great!

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(Day 6)
Game Quitters Challenge Pause (27.11.2016 Sunday)

Time I woke up: 6:05 a.m.

Time I went to sleep yesterday: 11:00 p.m.

Received a warm call in the morning which make me feel great in the whole day. It was my first time using the skype phone and receive a call from foreign country. It's amazing that the quailty of voice is very good, even better than general phone call. After the call, I was shocked that it seems that I have not been having a phone chat with friend for such a long time. Actually I just have a few friends, not more than 5, we seldom have phone chat, even if they give me a call, I don't know what I can talk with them. It is a new problem I think I need to deal with. There were some moments on Skype call I counld not hear very well and give instant reply, I hope I can reply better and share more next time. 
Some of my routine cannot be finished, I should rearrange my time to do them.
The challenge need to be hold for a while, will be continue after few days.
What I am grateful for today
  • Received a Skype call which I never imagine I would have one week before
  • Full lunch
  • Finished meditation , excercise and read 30 minutes
  • Try to cook  bak kut teh pack , not bad
Extra List 
  • Study for 15-30 minutes (Failed)
  • Mathematics formula (Failed)
       How many more days I have left to live
20,050 days
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