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MeetUp in Warsaw, Poland (September 2016)

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Hello GameQuitters

With my accountibility @Piotr, we have an awesome idea: To host a MeetUp in Warsaw, capital city of Poland.

I know there are couple of people from Poland, like @Primmulla, @warrumin, @Kostek, and even more (@Cam if I've forgotten about anyone else from Poland on GQ, then let me know)

People from other countries are invited aswell! Like @asquerade, @mli and anyone else who wants to participate in MeetUp, but they're too far away from US.

We're going to discuss 3 important subjects that are important in real life and can help abstain from video games (The list of topics coming soon)

The date will be specified at the end of the August, but it'll probably in the middle of the September 2016.


So, anyone in?

Ah, and @Cameron we invite you aswell :D. Hope to see you next month in Warsaw :)

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