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I whipped up a quick logo here. I was thinking of also incorporating the little mushroom head guy but decided to try this instead and go with the letters GQ.GQ.thumb.png.767f1684215d4cc2c706a03719e


Sorry about the huge image (it looks better scaled down) idk what happened there.



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I like the stylized letters, here some feedback (just my opinion):

-think of a reference to incorporate even more gaming platforms, without turning too funky (maybe a controller, a TV...?)

-I like the devil's tails (nice reference to addiction and temptation) and the colors

-the reference to quitting more emphasized, get inspired by exit sign, ESC key, power-off button, something else

-try isometric perspective for the letters

-incorporate all that, but still keep it simple, few colors and shapes

just some thoughts to get you inspired, I have no clue!!

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I would add some kind of slogan. Like "Don't quit on your life - quit gaming" or something. Something that shows that this is not about demonizing games but about finding a productive way to encourage living a noble life. Because games aren't bad per say, but if games dominate your very own life, it becomes an unhealthy habit.

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