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A Month Passed & Feeling Strong!


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Hi all, considering we don't have many celebrate posts, I feel like this needs to go here. If it even inspires and motivates one person then that's great! :) 

A month ago today I decided to quit gaming and to never touch a game again for 90+ days. I've been true to my word and haven't touched a game since!

How's It Gone?

The first couple of weeks were great and I found it pretty easy by just watching Netflix and chilling watching YouTube videos. After the first two weeks though it became a little bit harder. I became a little depressed, lethargic and agitated and realized I couldn't keep on doing what I was doing.

So with the help of me writing in my Journal and the support of Cam and the forum I managed to pinpoint what I was doing wrong. My whole morning routine was crap. I would get up, sit on the couch and watch TV.

The difference now is I get up, exercise, meditate & write in my journal. I'm now feeling refreshed and clear headed whereas before I was tired, depressed and grumpy. I now feeling strong, full of willpower and aim to smash this 90 day detox!

What I've Learnt This Month

Establish A Good Morning Routine. - How you start your day is how the rest will likely go, so start the day strong!

Don't Replace The Gaming With Another Distraction. - It's all well and good to use TV as a way of detaching from games, but make sure you have a plan to start utilizing the time you have on your hands. Don't fill the gaming void with another time filler.


Utilize your time well and start the day off strong, I've found this detox surprisingly easy in regards to cravings because I've kept my day's busy. If you are reading this and are just starting out, let me tell you that my life is ten times better since I've given up games.

You'll develop willpower and also improve other aspects of your life! I gamed for close to 17 years and this is the longest I've not gamed for! I'm starting to feel like how I did when I was around 6 or 7, I felt free and played outside all the time.

I will be doing these monthly posts here, to show everyone that it is possible and so I can compare feelings and how my life is by the end of the Detox.

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