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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Quitting again, for good this time

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Hey, I'm Brice, 26, been a competitive FPS player for a long time.

Reasons for quitting now are:

- I want to follow the Buddhist path, and competitive FPS games give you a sense of pride and "being better" than everyone, "demolishing" lobbies that are unhealthy and against Buddhist principles. Too much ego. And even if I try to not think about it, the competitive nature of it brings me back to it.

- The time when playing games goes so fast I feel like I never have time to do shit anymore with work and studies. Things also don't feel as pleasurable as video games and I want to change this "minimal pleasure" threshold. I also don't cook much anymore.

- Eroding my relationship with my girlfriend way too much. It might save my couple if I stop.

- Want to do something valuable to real people in the real world. Create rather than consume.

- I am a very creative guy (music, programming, art, etc) and I'm not doing any of those anymore.

- Impacts my ability to study to get a fucking great job in the future. 

- I also spend some money on it that I would rather spend elsewhere.

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