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Epic Games account debacle

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So, a while ago I deleted my Outlook account as I wasn't using it. I didn't think about it at the time but it was associated with my child's Epic Games account. He had not ever needed to use it to redeem V-Bucks for Fort Nite.  

But, of course, he received V-Bucks as a gift and wanted to redeem them. I was able to log on to the Epic Games account, using the deleted Outlook email associated with his Display Name. Before being able to redeem the V-Bucks I was prompted to validate the account, even when I tried to change the e-mail in Account preferences. I was told that a verification code was sent to the DELETED Outlook account. 

I attempted to create a support ticket under Parent/Guardian request, and while it allowed me to list both the deleted Outlook email and the new one I created, I was informed that Epic Games could only communicate with the DELETED Outlook account.

I did write a detailed explanation asking to communicate with the new Outlook account in the body of the message.  The ticket is still open with no response.

In my mind, I am thinking the only logical resolution to this is to simply create a new account (new Display Name with the new Outlook email) for my child and let his current Display Name and account remain in limbo as there is no way to access it any longer.  I cannot even delete it as I am prompted to verify it with my DELETED Outlook email.

I am hoping that Epic Games Tech Support addresses the issue, but I have a history of them being completing unresponsive to any issues.

Can someone offer a resolution to this issue?

Is my idea of creating a new account the only viable option? All that will happen is that he lose all the skins he has on Fort Nite.  I don't even think he will be able to gift anything to his new account. 

How can I validate my account with a deleted Outlook email?

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