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Saturday, November 4.

I haven't played games for 5 days and 23 minutes. Yes, I love games, graphics, beautiful game objects and creatures, interesting plot twists, but I want it to be my hobby, not a way to escape from stress. Now I'm learning a lot to create my YouTube channel dedicated to RPGs. While I still can't find a steady job, I'll at least give it a try, I don't have any other options at the moment anyway. As soon as I started thinking about games as a way to make money, the temptation to play just disappeared and has not returned.

I also want to share with you a way to spend more time in real life and at the same time replace the games with something.

One day I unexpectedly found the Level Up Life app. (This is not an advertisement, I'm just sharing my own experience).

This is not a game, as it may seem at first, but a gamified task scheduler. You have a Level and several Characteristics (eg Intelligence, Strength, Charisma, etc.). There is also a ready-made list of tasks that you can use, and each has its own Category (for example, Sports, Reading, Learning, Socialization, etc.)

The sections Reading (there is even a ready-made list of books there!), Mental, Socialization, Education and Sports were especially valuable for me. In games, I've always liked to Level up my character, so I immediately started doing Tasks, earning XP, and Leveling up. With each new Level new Tasks appeared. After completing each task, except for Experience, I increased the Characteristic Points associated with that task, so I could see my strong and weak sides.

So, before Level Up Life, I hated reading books and learning. Now I learn new things everyday. I became braver to try different hobbies, after all, I would never have gotten interested in programming, which I enjoy now, if it weren't for In-app Tasks. Some things have become my habits and I already do them automatically. Now I use Level Up Life only in emergency cases, when I completely lose the motivation to do something.

This app has impacted my life in many ways and I am even now researching gamification as a tool to improve human productivity. Maybe Level Up Life will help you, like it helped me.

Feel free to leave a comment if you tried it, I'll be more than happy to know if this app is actually helped someone.

Don't lose hope. Have a nice day everyone.

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Good evening.

In my opinion, gamification can help us live more productive and happy lifes.

I used LUL only as an example, because it was an important experience in my life, and I wanted to share it with others.

You can use whatever you like, or what feels better for you.

The most important thing is stay on the road and live a happy life.



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