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smartphone and human lifestyle

Rosa A. Soles

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As an old Boomer, I will say that I dislike them. This is mainly because I grew up in a world with no cell phones. There was more freedom, play, and trust.

Now Smartphones have literally become mini-computers. Deep thinking is seldom seen because  the attitude is... "we can google the answer."

I do own a smart phone, Android of course, and I only use it for talk and text. Any online business I do on my pc and home network where I can control the connection, encrypt emails, and stay in stealth mode while on the Net. I refuse to use Bluetooth; I do not want to be bothered while in the car. They can wait until I get out of the car and chose to return their calls.

From my perspective, I think many people, young and old, are addicted to their cell phones. I control my phone, not the other way around.

I am sure my viewpoint is rather rare compared to most people.

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