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Journal - Wojciech

Wojciech S.

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Week 7

Physical task: 

Continue attending gym


  1. To start classes for getting CAE certificate
    1. Scrutinizing the book: Advanced English. It will allow me to prepar in terms of grammar, before starting classes with natives.(27 out of 100 units done)
  2. Starting master's degree next year. Abandoned that. 

Miscellaneous accomplishments: 


Summary of Week 7

Not more to talk about the previoes week of not playing. I fighted back the minor craving in last week, so the present was much easier.

 I have been focusing on English Grammar for all te week. I did some reading too. I can recommedn the Fire and Blood, R.R.Martin ;).

SO in general all good news

@Gundham Thanks for your good word. It is good to hear from time to time from someone here, on this forum. 

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