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  1. Hola from Peniche! Are you enjoying your Holiday here in Portugal? Peniche is famous for being a very nice surfing spot.
  2. Welcome to GQ I suffered from some anger issues too when I was addicted to video games,I know it is hard to deal and to manage those kind of emotions sometimes.I hope you change your life for the better and to begin I recommend the 90 Days Detox.
  3. There is a very good book on this topic called "Overcoming Social Anxiety & Shyness, Author: Gillian Butler " If anyone is suffering from this kind of problems read this book,it may or may not solve the problem but it will definitely help a lot.
  4. If I were you I would quit,you can read my introduction here on GQ and "see" the damage video games made in my life just for you to have an idea.
  5. "Have already lost the best years of my life." I know that feeling very well unfortunately...and all because of video games. Welcome to GC and I hope this help you solve the problem of video game addiction
  6. I think nowadays with all the technology available loneliness is a huge problem because many prefer to stand in front of a computer than to talk face to face with other people.Human beings are social beings and when this is not happening and we are just talking to each other trough social media in my opinion it creates some kind of void inside ourselves because we always feel the need to talk to somebody. I remember thinking a lot about this after seeing this video a few years ago:
  7. I think exactly the same way about video games since they have done a lot of damage in my life.Welcome to GQ
  8. Life is made of ups and downs.You just have to move forward the best you can and set new goals to your life and find ways to achieve those goals. This is spot on. Thank you for summarizing the overall impacts of gaming. Just like all other addiction, this addiction impacts all systems (micro and macro). I didn't have Hygiene problems during the time I was addicted to video games but all the other things I have experienced in my own life and I have seen those kind of behaviors in other people as well. If video games become an addiction they can affect almost all aspects of your life.
  9. Video games are a waste of money (I played video games more than 20 years) and there are also other bad things associated with them: - Mental issues (Panic attacks,anxiety,anger,social phobia...) - Problems in school and university - Problems finding a job - Hygiene problems in some cases - Losing notion of time and became more detached from reality - The deterioration of relationships with family,friends,girlfriend... - Being unable to talk about something else other than games And lots of other things... I'm happy every time someone reach this kind of conclusions because video games have done a lot of damage in my life in the past.
  10. thanks for the input About life achievements you are right , but don't you think if i focused my energy on a valuable cause , I would be better both socially and professionally. "What did I achieve" I meant the progress in life, in my job and also in social skills. and about family support my father was angry past 2 years cuz i spent most of the free time I have in gaming and he rarely supported me , now he is retired and is now without a job . 4 years ago he offered me to have my masters degree and was willing to support me, first thing came to my mind . How i'm gonna play Call of duty there . And I refused telling him stupid excuses. I hope you got the picture now and see how much time and opportunities I wasted playing a non ending game btw I'm in top 10 ranking of the world in Call of duty , what do I get? Nothing if i'm top of my class in dental school , I would have been rewarded with a scholarship . but you know , this is life. Thanks for your time. I think all the people who come here to GQ and admit playing video games was ruining their lives (in some way of another) lost something in life...friends...time...money...opportunities...I lost all of that but I realize I had to stop thinking about the past and live the present in a totally different way.Thinking about new projects and ways to achieve them and spending time doing what I like with my family and friends.
  11. "What did I achieve in life?" You have a Wife and three kids and you are a Dentist. You said your father would send you some money to the groceries,this means you have your family support which is very important in life.You have achieved a lot if you ask my opinion. If you want to be a better Dentist you need to have clients so I think you should go to another clinic or talk to your boss about this situation and try to change something about it to keep you motivated. Do the 90 days Detox as soon as you can.
  12. You have 19 years old,you are still young.You just have to stop playing video games (since you already know they will add nothing good to your life) and go to university (there you will find new friends). Do the 90 Days Detox as soon as possible.
  13. Welcome Being perfectionist can be a blessing or a curse...I hope you get all the help you need here in GQ.
  14. I know its odd but its true.I wish you all the luck and I hope this new situation helps you put an end to your problems and addictions.
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