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Gaming the System 006 - James' First 30 Days As a Digital Nomad in Thailand!

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  1. Screw it, lets do it !! As for the beginning I'd like to mention I am little tipsy right now but whatever.. I am gonna be honest at least. I FUCKING DID IT !! 90 DAYS OF NOT GAMING AND NO GAMES-RELATED STUFF (like websites, streams, youtube etc.) This is the first resolution I have completed since a veeeeery long time. Why did I manage to do it? Honestly? SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! burning back of my scull..... Being 27 years old, living my with parents, treating job as the minimum to survive and as the mean to continue gaming. Constantly feeling sorry for myself and comparing myself to others. I hit rock bottom. I felt like worthless piece of shit. I saw the close ones getting on with their lives, starting families, getting promoted, moving out, building houses, buying flats, having children, being happy and there was I....going on with the 5th hour on twitch, watching stream, chatting with other addicts (not recognized yet). The shame burnt hole in my head. I said to myself "enough is enough", if I fail this time I might consider my life as lost forever. No shit, as the person interested in psychology I am sure that my depression would reach level of life-death thoughts. Fortunately I managed. Dunno how to be honest and I aint planning to go back to gaming. What can I say guys?? Straight from the heart, it is damn worth it!! In the beginning it's hard, it's even more depressing than it was as you are more clear-headed. You often replace gaming with other time-wasting activities like watching TV-shows/movies to kill that time you used for playing. After a while though it starts to feel better as you prove yourself the will you have. It is meant to be hard. I have played since being 8-9 years old. It's not that easy to get yourself unused to it. It takes the time. It takes shackling yourself to heat radiator.... Ok, *kidding.. but as a metaphor it is kinda true for your mind. You gotta shut your brain off and be committed to your resolution. You gotta see the big picture, feel the bottom or see the better future (both serve as the fuel for your detox). Wish you all best of luck!!
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