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  1. I have letters to a stoic by Seneca on my phone on letter 14 i I remember correctly. But I have never heard of on peace of mind and the shortness of life I'll look into them. Interesting that you say that about the mark of a true artist Pierce are you a artist by any chance?
  2. Also here are a few of my pictures as requested! Along with the polyscape that I created feel free to use for whatever projects you have!
  3. Day 3: Frustrating day today, packing to go back to school for some odd reason it brings me a lot of stress that seems I don't want to go back, the reason why I don't want to back is becuase I had a fling with a girl. Now being inexperienced with relationships the breakup hit me emotionally and mentally like the loss of a loved one as my mother said. But I don't care what emotions I have I will go back and not make it a big deal its an emotion and I am not my emotions. I will see her but only say hi and be friendly but in no way will I give it a second chance she hurt me but I forgive her and will not be angry at her. The reason why my buddy (though dead for thousands of years) marcus aurelius said
  4. Seems like you have had a great day ever thought about taking up reading? Helps when things like the wifi is down! If you need a book read the alchemist by Paul C. very good book, even if you are not spiritual you should read it tells of finding a boys destiny! By the way do you want links to learn programming?
  5. @bromoe want some links to learn programming?
  6. Well good news is that yes you relapsed BUT you got bored don't you think that a sign of progress?
  7. Congrats on your first journal I will be following you!
  8. Second day today and I've found it easy I was not the go insane thinking that i would. Finished up a programming tutorial that I wanted to finish up, the problem was that I had a bug which when programming can be something like a comma misplaced the program won't work. What the tutorial was about was real time chatting from one person to another and happy that I've finished it up I want to take the real time chatting app and add feature to it. After I created this app I was wondering why do so many people have facebook? It seems that many people have facebook yet most people that have facebook are not really familiar with most to all of their friends. I'm seriously considering getting rid of facebook and twitter as it serves no purpose to me but keeping instagram only becuase I have photography as a hobby and want to get my work out there. If anyone is interested in my photos let me know and I will post them here. Thanks for reading!
  9. When faced with something my natural inclination is to walk away and go on the internet.When I think about this something comes to mind it a video NFSW Mr robot and his speech on society in general. But I realized today that when I'm not on the internet I go insane (like in the membrane.. brownie points if you get the reference). Running around in my head wanting to focus and do something productive, so I did started programming for back end which I would like to learn as that is so I can create wonderful solutions for the world. Thats my dream to make an impact upon the world, and the best way in my opinion is though technology.
  10. Thoughts about this wallpaper? 1400 by 2100 GAMEQUITTERSWALLPAPER.psd
  11. Allow me to introduce myself I'm Craig currently a college student studying computer and information sciences(software engineering). I walked away from video games when I was 19, becuase my escape, caused me to lose an opportunity to travel the world. Becuase of that I walked away from video games it was the best decision of my life, but I'm not at the point where I living my life to the fullest. Only recently I am still consuming content on the internet particularly youtube, but realizing this I started working toward not watching YT videos, only when I need them to learn something new to help produce. I hope to help others here and learn more about living my life to the fullest! =]
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