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  1. I started running about 2 weeks ago and would like to know how to train my legs properly. When I run for about 1 mile my feet and legs start to get sore just in general and I'm not really sure if I should do some additional training on top of running, if it is the shoes etc. What can I do to train better for my runs so my feet and legs get sore? Thanks in advance for the input - I really appreciate it
  2. Hey, so I do calisthenics and I struggle to find the time to workout/don't schedule it really. What are some things that I can do to better schedule it and fit it into my day?
  3. Glad you're here dude! First 90 days can be considered tricky, especially consider you've been doing it the past 10 years. I'm two years into this and I no longer have a desire to play games. That's really good that you were able to accomplish a couple of things, while still gaming - I probably would of failed my last year of college if I didn't quit. Good on ya!!
  4. It took me quite a while to get over the bored issue. It'll all a matter of finding ways to fill your need from gaming to different hobbies. Active, Resting, Social, Achievement Base. For resting what I like doing and what has really helped is reading, cooking, podcasts, getting rid of stuff (I'm a minimalist in decluttering phase), journaling (bullet journaling and also documenting thoughts from an eventful day/creative writing), also I'm a Christian so I aim to read my bible and do devotions. I believe Cam also made a list of hobby ideas if you sign up for his email list. Hope this helps!!
  5. Hi all haven't been on here in a while so I thought I'd re-introduce myself. Hi there! I'm a creative and Canadian blood. I quit games because I found it as a MAJOR distraction from the things I wanted to do, used it as a massive crutch. I quit so I can stress less and not procrastinate on the important things. Such as getting work done on time and getting enough sleep. I don't like to say my goals but I'd like to do more of the stuff that I enjoy doing and less of the stuff that I don't like doing. My main goal is to have a solid morning routine AND a group of calisthenics workouts that I like doing and getting into that more. So far I've got most of my upper body covered and need to find workouts for abs and legs. I also started running and a BIG BIG goal with that is to have better endurance - I've always struggled with that when I was younger and want to improve in that area. Feel free to reach out to me via email (email on website) if you have any questions, the door is always open and I'd be glad to help P. S. I quit June 2016
  6. Hi all, Just wanted to make a quick post saying I'm back on the forums now. I took a break for a bit but I'm happy to say I'm back. Haven't played games in over 4 months and initially quit just over a year ago
  7. Welcome! When I first quit I was also super bored, it was just a phase for me. It might be the same for you too!
  8. I decided to quit playing mobile games on June 14th, 2016 and then decided to quit video games all together. At first I decided it was just 90 days but after I completed my 90 days I no longer had the desire to play games. Quitting games was a spur of the moment decision that I made after reading Cam's eye opening article. I then realized all the things I missed out on as a result of gaming and just staying in my comfort zone. So I stopped playing all together. I didn't reduce it little by little and then eventually stop. I will be covering 5 areas of my life where I improved since I quit gaming. ONE Adventure - At the time I was creating video game let's play's on YouTube and a friend reminded me about the stuff that I was passionate about such as a short film I made in High School so I refined it a little bit and uploaded it. When I went to Cypress Hills I took my camera and recorded the experience to remember it. When I was there it opened up perspective of all the places you can go and explore that are real and not a video game. Also gave me a little bit of the traveler's mindset. I have a bike and there are still places in my city that I probably haven't biked to yet. I discovered that I love exploring new places, even if it is going on a different bike path, travel destination, somewhere I don't usually go anything really. TWO GO FOR IT - About this time last year I did a school presentation about keyboards and how the typical qwerty keyboard is inefficient and how Dvorak is much much better! I have been using my phone in the Dvorak layout since that presentation and I am now using it when typing this now too! I made the switch about 2-3 months ago and I am about back up to 40-50 words per minute! At first I got doubts from friends and family in my life saying that I am already really good at qwerty and I should not be going to Dvorak. Now I am using Dvorak exclusively, and it goes to show me that I can do anything I want to do (given that I put in time and effort) despite what others around me say! THREE Priorities - This is what I was like, not exactly but had the mindset of that. But I am also getting way more rest now that I quit gaming!! Last year when I was in college I kept falling asleep in classes and it was a big issue and I was made fun of in class for it. I didn't take it well considering I already had a lack of sleep. I also did not have enough time to finish the final project last year because my prorities were gaming and I left the project to the last minute. I have improved a ton compared to last year! I have more time towards my studies and I am making it my number one focus! Along with sleep People around me in general have told me that I seem more mature and grown up now. Only thing I have to work on is waking up early and deadlines. Also, I can finally do stuff I'd like to such as going through old documents that were piling up, making my walk in closet a walk in closet again (you could barely open the door a while back) also selling things I don't use. FOUR Soical - I wrote a little article about this topic here. Essentially I have found myself being more outgoing and likely to start conversations with new people around me. FIVE Organization - I feel more organized in general and more in control of my life than ever before! I'm growing day by day the only thing that matter is that I get something done that is productive. I am also doing more writing than ever before. I started a journal of my own that I write in very often Some things I would like to mention, I recently quit my current job to focus on school and last weekend I sold all my DS games along with a couple of PS4 games! I just need to sell the PS4, I have it all ready to go for it to be picked up Say hey in a reply! -Dylan
  9. When I was in high school the majority of socializing was sitting at a table with my friends (usually the same people) and occasionally showing an image on my phone that I found to be funny. This similar style transitioned into work, when I was on break everyone was usually on their phone. But no one really talked to each-other. At all?! Odds are, they are either doing something productive, or just trying to escape the awkwardness of making conversation. Trying to escape the present moment (similar to what gaming was) I quit gaming going into my second year of my course. Now I strike up conversations as much as I can! I started talking to the new students to the school and some of them have some amazing things to say/show. If someone says they did something on the weekend? Ask them about it. They mention that they work somewhere? Ask them what that experience is like! They might have more to say about it but are so distracted they don't think about it. Storytelling is something that is getting lost more and more nowadays, it is something that I would consider to be a novelty. Earlier this week I talked to this one guy let's call him Jack ( that might be his name, it might not, maybe I changed one letter) and he had some really interesting stuff to say about the place he worked. How the faster you worked to complete a task, the more dough you got and how sometimes depending on the task. It can be extremely risky! I never expected a story like his at the beginning of the conversation. I personally disagree with people asking questions like "what's up?" "how are you doing?" and replies like "fine" and good". It is generally a one sided conversation and does not go much further. People just trying to talk about them all the time, but then again you are doing the same thing! By trying to talk about yourself as well; you end up listening and then forgetting about it JUST SO you can say what you want. It's a one sided conversation (some of the time).There's probably something that someone is really passionate to talk about! But they aren't sure how to express themselves. If you are shy in striking up conversations with others, maybe try doing it with people that might also be shy! ALSO a way to get good at something is to keep practicing it, I have been talking to others more rather than going on my phone (I make it a challenge to use my phone as a tool and to get home with as MUCH battery as possible) If you don't already TRY IT! You might make some new friends! This might come off as a rant, first try at this let me know what you think P.S. If you have tips to good conversations that I have not covered here, leave a reply for everyone else to read!
  10. That's awesome that you quit that young So many opportunities in HS! Welcome!
  11. Hi! I am a post-secondary student from Canada, Saskatchewan. I am 19 and I grew up surrounded by video games.The day that I threw that all away on June 14th. I wanted to quit games after my perspective changed on gaming. I had about $70 of a gift card to use as a gift from work and I was deciding weather or not to use it for books, or to buy a 2DS (cause after 9 years mine broke). After a few articles of "books vs gaming" and several other web pages I came across the article "How to Quit Playing Video Games FOREVER" it was intriguing and I read it. I decided to give it a try. I don't want to waste my life being known as a Gamer, I want to do more. Now that I quit games I'd like to do some stuff in life that I've always procrastinated on but never got to because I was too busy playing video games. Such as putting priority on my health, more specifically building up to a 5K run and going to a 5K Colour Run. -Dylan
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