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  1. Day 54 9th February: ohhhh I don't know what brought me here again, it was that sudden blink and I'm back here, realizing I've reached 54 days already. recently I created a document and dumped whatever task I could think of in it so I can strikethrough them once I finish one task. it feels entirely different from last year. I'm year 11 and I only have one last year to fight for my future. i can feel that uneasiness already yikes in this final last year i'm just gonna study in the most primitive method ok i'm not wasting more time ahaha i'm starting fossil
  2. Day 30 16th January: Spent a fruitful weekend with my family and friends, we visited places in our country where we've never been to. But for today, it was not good, I'll rate it a 4 out of 10 because I got my exam papers back and I don't know what can I say about them. The average line is far away from me. I really wanna cry out and it feels awful when I have to smile in front of everyone pretending my results are ok but they actually aren't. I want to give up but I know I can't.. there's only one year left and now I absolutely don't know why am I not panicking
  3. Day 27 13th January: Yesterday was actually my last day for my roblox detox, but I think I'm gonna extend this detox and see how far can I go lol. So I'll set up a small milestone for myself. Had a pretty nice day today, went for a hangout with my friends and treated myself with my favourite food that I've promised myself to eat right after exam ends. Next milestone: 30 days (3 days left!)
  4. Day 26 12th January: Tomorrow will be my last day of exam. It's the subject that I'm pretty good at, as long as I have enough sleep and there will be no dumb mistakes. Hope it will all go well. I'm going to sleep at 11pm tonight and wake up at around 6:30am in the morning. Good night. Goal for tomorrow: Read one page of book before going to bed Learn one new vocab
  5. Day 24 10th January: I spoiled my exam.. It's a 4 or 5 out of 10? Or even worse.. But I still have my last subject on Friday, so there’s no time for depression and regrets.
  6. Day 20 6th January: Today felt great, as I had just the right amount of sleep to keep me alert during my math exam. I’m glad I’ve spent more time on sleeping rather than staying up late or waking up too early for revision. I hope there will be less careless mistakes this time. The exam went pretty similar like other subjects, it’s neither very easy nor very difficult. The first part was manageable, if there aren’t any careless then I think it’s gonna be ok. However, the second part was more difficult and it took me more time to do each question, and I even made a random draw to some questions as I had no idea how to do it or there weren’t enough time left. It’s friday today, and my brain was really tired and burnt by those calculations. I was in a complete holiday mood and I didn’t want to concentrate. So there was no studying tonight, I filled it with TV shows and youtube videos instead. After that I had another good night’s sleep to compensate my sleeping loss during the weekdays. Goals for tomorrow: Finish studying half of the syllabus and do papers.
  7. Day 19 5th January: Oh god the syllabus is really overwhelming and I feel really exhausted when studying so many things, including those old topics I haven’t touched for a long time. My hands and my necks are sore because of sitting all day long attending exams and studying. There’s currently no subjects that I’m really confident in. It feels like rating 6 out of 10 on average for every paper I’ve done. But today’s subjects were better, I rate them 8 out of 10 and I’m quite confident because I’ve prepared more this time. And another thing I’ve done was to sleep early yesterday and wake up early this morning. I slept at 10pm and woke up at 5:15am this morning. I was really surprised by that lol I’ve almost never made it to 10pm but yesterday I did it. Tonight I’m gonna sleep early tonight too as tomorrow REALLY requires a lot of alert and concentration - maths. Going to sleep at 10:20pm tonight and wake up at around 5:30 I guess.
  8. Day 18 4th January: One more week to go! These are all the of the focusing hours I've studied Why didn't I start earlier...
  9. Day 13 30th December: Urges for temptations: 3 Thoughts during temptations: First temptation was in the morning. But no I need to study. Didn’t resist the last temptation again and went to the Internet right after dinner… Woke up at 10:30am today, I don’t want to mention when did I sleep yesterday, skipped breakfast and looked at other’s journals here. Right after that I directly went into studying. Quickly wrote a daily checklist and started with my first task. Planning to meditate after every meal so I won’t be distracted or controlled by my temptations. Things I’ve done today: Revised two chapters Goal for tomorrow: Finish my assigned tasks It's been 13 days since I've played a game
  10. Day 12 29th December: Urges for temptations: 4 Thoughts during temptations: - I want to go for some social media scrolling, but maybe I should just focus on another chapter and scroll later. - Oh shit I spent the entire night on the Internet again. facepalm (didn't resist my last temptation) Things I’ve done today: - Finished a past paper - Revised the new chapters of bio Sudden thought: I watched a video talking about dopamine detox today and was wondering that I should also have one after the exam ends Goal for tomorrow: Finish my assigned tasks It's been 12 days since I've played a game
  11. I prefer not to say as it is not written in English Day 6-11 23rd to 28th December: In short, I spent time with my family and had a short Christmas trip with them, wrote a card to my friend, but yikes, I couldn't resist the holiday vibes after the trip and wasted two shitty days on social media and youtube and whatever else Today I managed to get back to my exam mood and had a thorough concept check on chem. I have this sudden interest to try counting my urges for temptations tomorrow and see whether I can resist them or not. Another thing to note is that my sleep schedule is seriously disrupted again, I need to sleep earlier Goal for tomorrow: Finish my assigned tasks It's been 11 days since I've played a game ps. Thanks for everyone's mutual support here!
  12. Day 5 22nd December Today was a day with a lot of reading - completely delve into that book and read it in one day. Not much studying though. It's been 5 days since I played a game It's been 5 days since I slept late after 11:00
  13. Day 4 21st December Oh shit it’s two weeks before exam. My mind is racing but my progress seems so slow.. Celebrated my friend’s birthday this morning. ------------- Things I’ve done: Returned to duolingo again Revised a new topic It's been 4 days since I played a game It's been 4 days since I slept late after 11:00