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  1. man! it has been a while, but I am currently doing better i just backed a board game on Kickstarter! I am going to an interview for a job on the 8Th  I will also be doing an interview for a radio station on my story.

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  2. i hope everyone has a great day! happy charismas eve's eve! another great day I played board games with people that I would usually game with although I did play some video games with a friend. we played age of empires or around 4 hours. 

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  3. so, I am a big board gamer, but I have found I could compare my board gaming with how I video game i.e. I think about it a lot and I will work/ play them a lot. right now, I use the board Gamses as thing to do besides video gaming would you say that there is a difference between board gaming and video gaming? Should I try to stop doing board games so much. 

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  4. Happy Thursday everyone! today I got a new board game so I will be playing that. I also got a great idea for a board game that I will be working on. I found that I really enjoy working on board games. so, I use this as an alternative to video gaming.

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  5. I have gone through and added up all the time that I have spent playing video games it has scared me how much of my life is wasted in the digital realm. I have spent 4,000 hours on war robots and roughly 17,000 hours on all the video games combined 

  6. I have spent over 4,000 hours of my life inside the video game war robots I didn't see how much gaming was affecting my life it stated out as a B student and pretty good socially but once I stated gaming it consumed me, I found that in this game only best can win so I wanted to be the best I didn't want to run from anyone. after about 3 weeks my grades fell so that I would rarely get a C and I stated to skip social gathering so that I could game longer as my gaming progressed, I stated putting money into my game to the point where I would spend 10-20 dollars a day trying to buy the latest and best items. I started to see my life decline and wanted to stop but I had come to believe that my happiness was found in this game. I also found my self-worth from playing. I tried to stop playing by myself but relapsed twice. so now I am on this website look for some help

    I want to quit playing is so much, but I don't want to delete all the money that I put into this game unless that is the only way. any suggestions?

  7. Sorry, I was busy yesterday and couldn’t update my journal… 


    Today is another success I didn’t game too long! Small accomplishment but I will take what I can get (-:

    I couldnt up date my journal yesterday becase i was busy all day long.