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  1. Hi Wojciech S. . You said you have anxiety when playing interactive aompetitive games. I feel the same way when I play League of Legends. Thay all make people anxious; for me, I tried to not think abut wining, and just have fun in what ever way I want and ignore other players' behaviours; It works somtime. I guess this part it's like real life, if you focus yourself, you do not need to be competitive; you just need to be happy. only professional match game players get satisfaction and payment for trying hard to WIN, for others, we should focus on other things like our job, health, family etc,. 

    Do not think about wining. Think about "this is my time to have fun and do whatever the heck I want". OR, play some non-competitive games. I have a psp that have all other people's maxed out saves, so I do not need to grind, or be competitive since onthing can beat me. I found that when I play those games, it is easier to have more fun than on line competitive games; this ia about peer pressure; it's about standing on our ground.