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  1. Glad you are taking the time to consider it. I am 42, and wish I would have stopped when I was your age. I would be so much further in my life, professionally, physically, emotionally. Keep it up.
  2. Day 4, Tuesday, March 16th. Today was better than its been in a while. I cleaned house a bit, and spent some time working on my business website. I journalled and just spent some quiet time alone thinking. One of my problems is, without motivation to play I am sleeping longer than I should be. Tonight and into tomorrow, I am going to be more disciplined and get up at a reasonable time. Let's just hope I can stay off of the am games. That was always one of the things I really enjoyed, getting up at 4 am, and spending a few hours before any other distractions playing some gam
  3. Day 3, Monday March 15th. I'm not going to lie, today was tough. I had a meeting schedules that got canceled, and I already planned 2 hours specifically for that meeting. Having the slot opened up made me want to fill it with some game time. I spent the time taking care of some tasks I have been putting off, and vented to my wife about wanting to play. I used my task lists to fill the time in more productive ways and finished the day without playing, and happier because of it.
  4. I started that way, to get off of comp games. I chose to do eso.
  5. Day 2, Sunday, March 14th. Today is my anniversary with my wife. With yesterday being so fulfilling, I want to keep the momentum going. We went to the gym together, and did a great work out. Then got massages. Back to the house for a nice lunch, and she talked me into getting a pedicure with her and my daughter. Evening spent with friends and family grilling! Overall, a great day, and I didn't miss playing the games at all. It really was a very nice day!
  6. Day 1, Saturday, March 13th... I am off today, and spent some time yesterday finding a new way. The only way for me to deal with this demon, this monkey, this evilness that has controlled me for 20+ years, is to get others involved. I need to be open about the problem, and grab it by the horns. Last night I spoke at length with my wife about my decision to stop gaming. I spoke about my goals, ND about how I need her support. It also let me have someone to help keep me accountable. It's for real this time. Tomorrow is our 22 year anniversary. I decided to spend some ti
  7. So, Friday I reinstalled my game, logged in, did the daily crafting quests in eso, then just sat there. I sat there and wondered what drew me back in. I contemplated what I was doing, and why was I on. I didn't even enjoy the game. I did it, out of habit, boredom, not really sure why. I Uninstaller again, and said to myself, let's start this again.
  8. Day 3 - Hey all. Today I am struggling. Yesterday was ok, but I really felt the urge in the morning, and late into the evening. My wife was working, and usually I take that time to get on my game for an hour or two when she is. I stayed off, got the kitchen cleaned, and then cooked dinner to occupy my time. I felt better about myself for doing so, and even felt satisfaction that I would from the game, in having a clean home and nice dinner. This morning though, I am REALLY struggling. Mornings are when I usually start my day with some sort of video game, and I have Frid
  9. @PochatokThank you for the feedback! It helps a lot in that aspect. I am a busy body, which I know is one of the reasons I enjoy MMO's. They keep me feeling like I am accomplishing something, ...even though, I know they aren't. Crazy right! What I figure in my mind is that I need to reset my day and my habits. I need to refocus on developing me, and my martial arts, like I did prior to online gaming. Once I can reprogram that, I have no doubt I'll grow and rid myself of the games.
  10. Day 2. Had work to keep me occupied, so not a bad day, dreading the upcoming weekend when I have more free time
  11. Day 1- Hey! I know what you are thinking. Who chooses that name for his journal. I did, because, its a title that I earned years ago in the martial arts. Though, I have not put in the energy that I should or could, and I often don't feel like being called that. Matter of fact, I often don't let people call me that, because I feel like a fraud and a liar. See, My game addition has kept me from being what I could be, far from it. It has made me out of shape, surgeries in (due to playing games), lying to find more time, and not doing the work I know I need to do in my life. I w
  12. Hello! I chose the title "It's Time" because I realize, at 42 years of age, with 25 of those years behind me addicted to video games, its time to stop. I am in a bad place in my life. I have accomplished a few things, mostly through perseverance and a little luck, but nothing in my life is where it should be. Everything doesn't feel like it should. I should be further, stronger, and in a better place, but I lie, cheat, make up things, and don't take care of my health, all to spend just a few more minutes on games. Lately it has gotten even worse, and I am tired of lying to myself.