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  1. Smoking is bad for you Not even remotely as bad for you as cigarettes are, especially if you don't inhale. The mortality rate of non-smokers in comparison to pipe smokers is very slim (1.0 vs 1.05 according to a study out there), for those smoking in low-moderate amounts. I'll take the slight increase in mortality for increased relaxation and hobby value - it's fun collecting pipes too .
  2. For me, it was actually a cycle - I would be addicted to one game at a time, though. I would switch around between various types of games too; Counter Strike, The Witcher 3, World of Warcraft, Runescape, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, Path of Exile, Stardew Valley, Team Fortress 2 etc. Starcraft 2 was probably what I spent the most time playing. I would actually be scared to see how many hours I put into it, considering I put in probably ~300 into each game listed, and those were NOTHING compared to how much I played Starcraft 2. It is interesting how the addiction wasn't to any particular game... but rather, to ANY video game almost. Really goes to show that there isn't too much that is special when it comes to video games and spending time. They can be replaced - it will just take effort.
  3. Day 6 Still feeling a bit low energy. Got my stuff out of the way today, kept eating well, and also went to the gym. I noticed I was having a bit of a craving during an especially low energy moment at around 11PM, and it was aggravating me. So I got up, put on my running shoes, and went to the gym to do cardio for half an hour. It was actually an amazing session - one of those where you could keep on going, and not feel a thing. All I could feel was the sweat on my skin - had some good music playing, and that entire time I just had an image in my head of how much I have already progressed, and how awesome it would be to get to where I want to be. I definitely need to keep an eye out for these low energy periods, and see if I can't do something like that every time. That would definitely be an awesome habit to introduce to my life. Books I might make this a section in my journals from now on - not too sure, I'll see how it feels. Since I just finished reading a novel ("Siddartha") I decided to pick up something that could potentially help me on my quest to fulfilling the 90 day detox, as well as generally transforming my life. I ended up picking up "Gorilla Mindset" which should be arriving in a day or two. Heard tons about this book, and pretty sure I saw someone recommend it on here as well. Will definitely post a review once I'm done with it!
  4. Yeah, I'm curious to see if it was the gaming. It's a little bit annoying to deal with, but I'm sure it will pass eventually.
  5. Good talk - and I'm glad people are starting to take this seriously. Most people I talk to about this think it's a bit of a joke. "Man up" or "Get your shit together" is what you'll usually get. But when you tell them it's like an ecstasy addiction (if not worse), they start to think twice. Maybe one day when I'm no longer an addict, I can do public speaking on this stuff too
  6. Those are some really insightful thoughts about dating - the one that particularly resonates with me is bullet pt. 5. For the longest time I would do the same exact thing - Google, read, ask other people, etc. At the end of the day, like you said, it is impossible to figure someone out other than by interacting with them, and discovering who they are as a person. It would be awesome if you could figure out who was a sociopath, crazy, likely to cheat, right away -- there may be signs that can help you, but you'll never know for sure unless you try. And of course, there's the problem that people change over time (though some things stay the same). Life is messy
  7. Ah.. mobile apps can run really expensive. Hopefully this comes to fruition one day, but from personal experience, depending on the complexity of the app, you could be looking at $40,000 for something well-made.
  8. Thanks for your comment, I feel so relieved that people want to help and share their tips and stories with me. I actually just got diagnosed with ADHD 2 months ago. After that I suppose it was only a matter of time before I discovered the link between that and gaming. I actually LOVE to draw but have been way too involved in games to get a comic done I have been wanting to draw. I hope I can actually draw the comic out once I've recovered completely. The computer itself can be a bit addicting too, but I am going to push myself hard to not use it too much. I do have to draw on the computer as my vision isn't very good so I like to use painting programs like Paint Tool Sai to really zoom in and do tiny details in my work. I also mess up a lot, so the undo button is frequently used. I am sure you are right, I am trying to get treated for ADHD right now but I have had no luck getting medication. Anyway, thanks for your comment! ^^ People here are more than welcoming when it comes to sharing personal experiences. It's great ! I'm actually in a really similar situation; I got diagnosed with ADHD 3 months ago, and the only reason I bothered going in for testing was because I realized gaming got out of control. There's definitely a ton of artists here - check out some of the journals/threads, they post a lot of their work on here. As for the ADHD treatment, keep in mind there's a few different routes - I personally opted out of medication. Everyone's case is different, and you're not doomed if you can't get medication (definitely discuss this one with a doctor/psychiatrist, though). Good luck with your first few days!!!
  9. Cool video! I've often wondered in the past how long you should hold eye contact for. When someone else is talking to me, I hold eye contact until they stop. When I'm talking, I think I overthink it a bit, and tend to look away too much; if it were up to me, I would just stare them down
  10. I can definitely relate to the reddit/internet browsing. I find that for me, I'm in states of low energy when that happens. Once you find your trigger, it will be a lot easier to avoid browsing, and replace that time with healthier habits!
  11. Day 5 (Meditation Day 3) Another rather low-energy day... still not too sure why, but I was a bit out of it all day today. I think this is because I knocked myself out of ketosis over the weekend by eating carbs (was stuck at the airport, flight delayed, needed to eat something otherwise I'd die...). Gotta hang in there for a few days and get back in the game. Luckily today I still got a ton of stuff done, and didn't have the urge to play video games! Diet is on point, as is working out. Drinking tons of water, meeting my daily caloric intake, etc. Lost 16 lbs thus far! I also decided I'm going to start counting the days I have meditated in a row. The regiment I'm using is the one outlined in this book: http://www.amazon.com/Full-Catastrophe-Living-Revised-Illness/dp/0345536932 The one criticism I have with the routine is that they throw you in a 45 minute body scan-meditation session every day as a complete beginner. I've had exposure to this in the past, but for someone just getting into it, I think this is a bit extreme. You get pretty annoyed with the whole thing towards the end - but they mention in the book that it's to be expected. Just gotta stick through with it!
  12. Larry, Holy crap - ONE MORE DAY!!!! I was never a big fan of religion (forced to be an altar boy as a kid can really push you away from Church) but it sounds like that really worked for you! Tons of video games announcements coming, I agree with you there - we'll definitely make it.
  13. Leah, Welcome! I'm a fellow quitter/relapser, and I can totally relate to ADHD worsening your addiction. I find that once you get away from gaming, ADHD (if managed correctly) can actually be a HUGE plus in getting stuff done, and engaging yourself in whichever tasks you decide to tackle. With a bit of self-experimentation and motivation, you will definitely find a way to channel your brainpower. The community here is great - lots of resources, journals, support, you name it. Hope you enjoy your stay!
  14. Day 4 (Should have posted this one yesterday, but my nap turned into a full night of sleep). This day was a little bit low-energy; not too sure why, but it may have been my quality of sleep. I had too much caffeine at the end of the day, and it kept me up for quite a bit. It was a bit of a bummer, because I felt like I could get nothing productive done. I did what I had to do in terms of assignments and going to class, but other than that, I let myself go a little bit. I played some games for ~2 hours, and managed to snap myself out of it. Low energy states is something I need to learn to manage more, I think. When I'm in that particular mindset, it just feels like I can't do ANYTHING other than watch a movie or something of that nature, which really sucks. Today should be a much better day, though.
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