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  1. Day 12 Working from home this week. So far, no urges to play anything. Pretty much scrubbed all gaming media and marketing from my digital life. Have replaced gaming with Sci-Fi shows so I'm working on reeling it back. Reddit usage has been up esp. since I redownloaded the app. Will focus on dedicated programming practice today in between housework.
  2. Day 10 Much easier day at the office (always easy when no one is around). There is no need to worry about things that is out of our control. We can accomplish many things by simply focusing on what is in our control.
  3. Day 9 Dealing with day to day work anxiety. Trying not to replace gaming with other media, but it's hard. Mostly working and doing house stuff this week so it's easy not to spend too much time.
  4. Day 7 Maybe had a little too much caffeine in my system last night. Binge watched a "slow" sci-fi series to help me fall asleep. Almost saw the sun come up this morning. Paying for it today.
  5. Thanks, I'm hopeful. "How to be a Stoic" by Massimo Pigluicci
  6. Day 4 : Spent the day mostly tending to neglected yardwork. Got a whole lot done, which I feel good about. I did have issues regulating my mood after I admitted some invasive thoughts/daydreams. After some food, time, and defusing a minor argument with my S.O., I felt better.
  7. Day 3: Kept myself busy outside. Sweat a little. Listened to some philosophy. Notably, I accepted some social engagements without overthinking it. Went well.
  8. Life changing. I don't think I've ever related more to a group of people in my life.
  9. Feeling strong on Day 2. Went to my first CGAA meeting. Uninstalled everything. Installed blockers for apps and urls. Culled my digital subscriptions and bookmarks to reduce exposure.
  10. A daily habit to keep me on the right path.