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  1. One of the things I am struggling with right now is having more time in this pandemic staying at home which is creating a low of spare time for me. I just cannot use my spare time wisely and keep wanting to play video games.
  2. A few days ago I was talking with my gamer friends from school. I usually try to keep friends with friends I had and not exile them from my friendship just because I am not gaming as much as them. This however changed. One of my friends wanted to challenge me after I was talking about a creation I made in the game Minecraft some while ago. He told me they were too easy to build and made fun of me. I tried to be funny so we would not get into conflict but turns out my friend does not have humor and told me some very nasty words and blocked me from google hangouts. His friend, who is my friend i
  3. I have actually been on here for 3 months or so but never introduced myself before. I am struggling with my detox right now and have been relapsing so much that now I lost track of how many times I relapsed. Overall, I found this community very helpful to me and I am working towards that goal to finish my 90 day detox.
  4. Back on track. I just came back from a relapse and want to enjoy life again. I started drawing my comic and reading books. Also, I tried to exercise more and stop slacking off on my push ups. Did some burpees today and walked around my neighborhood.
  5. This time I relapsed again and got bad at time management. I feel like it's not working and want to give up. I don't know if I am just not going to finish my detox or if that I really can do it.
  6. Day 20! I am so close to my last record of 20 something days after I relapsed hard and went back to gaming for a few months. About my Halloween costume. I made a snake scepter from scratch using a plastic pipe and some paper. I also found an electromagnetism kit with light bulbs and wires. I used my knowledge and skill and made a snake scepter which has a lever that activates two lightbulbs which are the snake's eyes so the eyes would gloooooooooow. I got some old wizard robe costumes from earlier and combined the two to become the master magician. It was fun creating it and I am finally findi
  7. Day 19 of my detox I think. Today is Halloween so my mom made a duck for dinner and my whole family had a Halloween feast. Also, I made myself my own Halloween costume from scratch which was pretty fun and exciting. One bad thing that happened was I relapsed thinking it was Halloween and giving myself a break which resulted in my relapse.
  8. Day 15 of my detox. I started drawing a comic and finished one page of it. The weather got cold because the winter is approaching so I stayed inside most of the time.
  9. 14 days might not sound like a lot but I relapsed so many times before and collapsed around this time. I hope I can make it to 30 days.
  10. Day 14 of quitting games. I got lazy and procrastinated a lot the past few days and I'm finally back to writing. Some things that I found are distracting me are gaming streamers and gamer friends. I am trying to avoid those kind of temptations and try doing something else other than gaming. I think I watch too much TV so I went outside these days to play with bugs which is entertaining.
  11. Day 6 of quitting games. I didn't want to use my computer so I did not write after using so much of my energy on doing work on a computer. I struggled with watching youtube and just mainly television. I also built Lego castles and my creations and started working on a Lego stop motion film. This is me starting my detox again after many relapses. To conclude, I think my friends are my biggest temptation because they like gaming more than me and they tell me to play with them all the time.
  12. I've never played among us so I am not addicted.
  13. This is my second time writing but I wanted to begin in a new article. Today went by with me resisting my urges and telling my gamer friends that I can't play with them. While I was browsing the internet, I clicked on a website and it appeared all in Russian and my anti virus blocked a malware attack. I got scared because I don't want Ivan to hack into my computer. So today was my 2nd day of quitting games after so many relapses and I look forward to completing my 90 days.
  14. Today went by with me deleting my games and playing a little bit of Minecraft. I am trying to limit gaming and when it's time, end it. My friends keep making me want to game because they are lazy and have an addiction just like me so I just ignored them and told them I don't have time. I am starting my detox again after so many relapses and hope to make it to 90 days!
  15. No, I don't think so. Reeses Peanut Butter cups are full of sugar which makes you fat and increases risk of diabetes. Also too much sugar is bad for your teeth.