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  1. I believe I might wrote this post to wrong forum section. Oh well... I kinda failed 2 weeks ago, I had bad day and I replapsed. Since that I was playing for 1 week and I tried to stop play games 2nd week I couldn't stay very motivated so I was installing games and than uninstalling them next day... well now I believe it is time to try for 90 days DETOX again.
  2. Also I'd like to add this, I might be just rephrasing something that was said written and said many many times but still: If you think that you play too much don't ask yourself: "Do I want to play?" - Because answer will be probably yes (because of dopamin addiction). Instead ask youself: "Is there something else I would like to do but instead of it I rather play video games?" Thanks for answers, and good luck guys.
  3. Hi, I am Bruno Czech I stopped playing Video games about 30 days ago. I was heavily addicted for 10 years. I'd like to share my story how I was able to stop playing computer games by my own very weak will. The hardest part for me was to realise and admit that I am acutally addicted. Because I asked myself many times: "Do I want to play Video game". - Fucking yes. I believed in it, I felt it as true feeling that I WANTED to play games and I could not live without them. I would probably never realise that something is wrong but than I had to stop playing games during week and play only on weekends, I was acutally pretty ok during week, but when I came home on weekend I was uncontrollable... I remember one day that I would only drink water because I could not waste time by shopping for food... after 2 those weekend I realised.. this is not normal behavior that I might be addicted. But once I realised that I am addicted it was so "easy" to stop and not relapse because of just that one video Cam released - 90 day detox. Because of knownolage and logic behind Dopamin and how it works. So basically I told myself, that it is not me who want to play it is brain that wants to play. But that was not enough for me. I needed to know why my brain wants to play and basically I created theory for myself. That dopamin flows like a river and my river is very HUGE so I have to make river smaller by not creating so much dopamin in my body and eventually flow will became somewhat avarage.. and that took me about 7 days before I stopped having cravings. I also realised why I was playing games. First it was for competetivnes, failing in that and in my life I was heavily addicted by using games as "distraction" and not thinking about my shit skills of living life. What was acutally hardest, most wierd to overcome were not cravings and I had really strong cravings.. basically only thing I could do was laying in bed for few hours until they ended. But I expected that.. what I was not prepared for was what happened after scavings.. I was feeling much better and I acutally started to have dirty thoughs like "well I did it.. now it would not be that bad to play games right".. very very tricky from my brain. If I did not know any better I would fall for that. Now I have not need to play video games. I started to work out with my old friend who decided to stop play video games as well. And I am so lucky, because I realised I like one girl and she likes me too so hopefully something nice will happend. Also I have school leaving exam in 3 months and now basically I have free time to make myself bigger, better, and more clever. Good luck and please excuse my english.. I am trying to write properly Bruno Czech YOU GUYS CAN DO IT AS WELL! Also I absolutely suggest Art of Charm podcasts, you can start by most popular ones. Thanks for Tip @Cam and thanks for helping everybody.