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  1. OK these last few days were relatively good, didn't get distracted as much. Lost less weight than expected because I slipped and had too many calories. I am going to keep these mistakes in mind going forward
  2. Not as productive today unfortunately. Need to do better tomorrow. I definitely cannot work when tired, best to go to bed and wake up later and be productive
  3. Today was overall way more productive than yesterday but still got distracted a lot. Need to make sure to work more
  4. Woke up kinda late today but already finished a quiz for college and now watching a course for work. I think I'm way more productive after I sleep
  5. Day was extremely unproductive today. I think it might be because I'm trying to work from my room, where my bed is. So every time I get a chance, I go to watch some short videos while lying. This is horrible. Need to go to office/working area tomorrow. Got somewhat concentrated closer to evening and got some work done. Noticed that it's hard for me to do tasks where I don't know if I'm going in the right direction
  6. Ok today was okayish. Still spent some time lying in bed and watching Youtube, which is bad. Was productive overall, maintained calorie deficit. One remarkable achievement - I let go of past relationships. Stopped checking my ex's Instagram, which I think is huge for me and I need to keep this up. I also stayed off the particularly addictive youtube political videos which I used to watch. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better than today
  7. Slept during the day today, now feeling very productive. Will get started on something
  8. Got a haircut today and feeling kind of better about myself. Lost motivation, so need to start working again asap
  9. Всем привет, не ожидал тут увидеть русскоязычных. Я бросил гейминг после того как осознал что жизнь уходит вникуда и насколько это бесполезное занятие. Сейчас пытаюсь увеличить свою мотивацию, чтобы быть более продуктивным в течение дня и больше успевать
  10. Hi everyone, I quit gaming some time ago and game at most 1-2 per year. I think this was a big achievement because before, gaming would completely fuck up my life. One of my main motivations was that I'm 23 now and I realized that life is going away on useless things like gaming and when that realization hit me, I didn't want to game as much anymore. Now I face a new problem - need to keep myself motivated to do other things, mainly: 1. Lose weight 2. Improve Leetcode skills => double current salary 3. Maybe get personal life I'm working on #1 and #2 right now. #1 is kind of screwing me up because I'm counting calories and have kind of low energy for everything. I lost 7 pounds from June 15th and now I'm 198 pounds. Once I get to my desired weight of about 154 pounds, I need to make sure I don't gain everything back like happened before. Please write any thoughts that you have, I'm just looking to post my successes and failures publicly so I can't hide from failure
  11. Yes, today was a rather productive day indeed. I definitely need to keep it up.
  12. I think I managed to turn things around and started using my time productively. I need to make sure to keep this up during the evening today and the whole day tomorrow. Hopefully I adjusted to new habits now and I won't waste time again
  13. Wasn't too productive lately. I found that I can only eliminate one bad habit at a time. I joined the NoFap forum to deal with my porn addiction and I've been successful in dealing with it last couple of days but instead of using my free time in a productive manner, I was watching Youtube. I think I will be able to take control once I get used to my new restrictions
  14. Wow I didn't expect so many replies in this thread, thank you everyone for participating! I'm definitely making some progress - last day was pretty productive, reduced my regular time wasters to around 1-2 hrs. Still not as productive as I want to be but I'm getting there!
  15. Alright, seems like today will be.a more or less productive day. So far wasted lying in bed about 1hr vs 4 hrs or 5hrs before
  16. Wow, I didn't know there were other people in my position. So I figured that my biggest fear is other people seeing me fail, so I need to somehow put my plans/goals/failures here so I would get the motivation not to fail. I recently read a blog post that brought a lot of clarity to the whole instant gratification thing. Check it out, definitely worth it: https://waitbutwhy.com/2013/10/why-procrastinators-procrastinate.html
  17. Hi everyone! My story is a bit different from what you would expect to hear. I quit gaming about three months ago and haven't played since. However I noticed that I started replacing gaming with netflix, listening to music and other things. Since these things take so much of my time - around 4-5 hours daily, now I need to find a way to beat those habits. Because of this, I will not be writing about gaming here, but about my progress on eliminating those time wasters. Thank you for reading!